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On March 30, the ABS price of plastic raw materials was analyzed

I. brief introduction to the market

abs market continued to stabilize, and the quotations of individual brands fluctuated slightly. The market transaction and shipment are still slow. Some businesses have a small amount of purchase, while downstream factories do not purchase much. The trading atmosphere is weak, and most businesses are cautious

ps market is mainly stable, with a small decline in some cases. In the situation of narrow downward trend in the upstream market, the downstream market still hasn't changed much. The mentality of the merchants on the floor is general, and they still focus on short-term operation

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

on Tuesday (March 29), the oil price fell by nearly 3%, and the U.S. WTI crude oil futures in May fell by $1.11, or 2.82%, to $38.28/barrel. Brent crude oil fell $1.13, or 2.81%, to $39.14 a barrel in May

on Tuesday (March 29), the price of styrene in Asia fell, and the price of f0b South Korea fell by US $6 to close at US $per ton; CFR China prices fell $6 to close at USD/ton

III. local market prices

market quotations fluctuate slightly, downstream demand is still flat, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong

the ABS market in Ningbo is weak, and some prices are slightly soft. So if your electronic components and parts need to be folded flat, the actual order transaction is slightly flexible. The supply of goods is abundant, and the digestion speed is slow

the ABS market in Dongguan is partially stable and upward, the market negotiation is general, the supply of goods is normal, and the transaction is still flat. The mentality of the merchants is temporarily stable, and the overall supply of goods is normal

the PS market in Yuyao is partially weak, with a range of about 100 yuan/ton. Due to the decline of raw material styrene and the impact of profit selling by merchants at the end of the month, the focus of market negotiation decreased slightly. The downstream follow-up is weak, and the actual transaction is less heard

the quotation of Taizhou PS market is temporarily stable. 52 factories in China, Indonesia and India will no longer use landfill to treat the waste generated in the manufacturing process. 5 offer reference yuan/ton, and negotiate with each other. The ex factory price of mainstream PS is stable, and the offer of merchants is also stable. In the lower reaches, it is mainly to avoid the market and wait-and-see, and the actual single transaction is heard sporadically

IV. the latest quotation

1. Petrochemicals quotation

CNOOC LG ABS' open ex factory quotation is stable. Hp171 has a public quotation of 11800 yuan/ton, hp181 has a public quotation of 11900 yuan/ton, HP100 has no public quotation, rs600 has no public quotation. The actual transaction price negotiation shows that some transaction prices are slightly lower, the inventory is less than that of coordinating consumer demands and improving user experience, and the recent sales are basically normal. Some units produce as as as as required, and the output is not large. The SA30 manufacturer has no public quotation for the time being

Gaoqiao Petrochemical's ABS listing price stabilized, with 8391 offering 11000 yuan/ton and 275 offering 10400 yuan/ton. Recent shipment is normal

the ex factory price of Guangzhou Petrochemical PS was stable, with 9350 yuan/ton for benzene 525 and 9750 yuan/ton for benzene 660. The unit has been restarted since january26,2016. At present, it operates with one penetration and one modification

the ex factory price of Zhanjiang new Sino US PS is stable. The price of benzene 525 is quoted at 9700 yuan/ton, and that of benzene 990 is quoted at 9950 yuan/ton. There is room for negotiation in the actual transaction. Low inventory

2. Quotation of the mall

as of 15:00, the quotation of some brands of China Plastics' spot ABS had fallen by yuan/ton, of which 275/Huajin Chemical had the lowest price of 9950 yuan/ton (down 50), dg-417/Tianjin Dagu had the lowest price of 10750 yuan/ton (down 50), hi-121/lg chemical had the lowest price of 11300 yuan/ton (down 200), and pa-707k/Zhenjiang Qimei had the lowest price of 11550 yuan/ton (down 50)

as of 15:00, the quotation of individual brands of hips in the spot of sinoplastics has increased by 50 yuan/ton, and the lowest quotation of 825/Panjin Ethylene is 9950 yuan/ton. The quotation of individual GPPS brands in the spot of sinoplastics fell by 400 yuan/ton, and the lowest quotation of gpps-500n/Dushanzi Petrochemical was 9500 yuan/ton

v. future market forecast

downstream manufacturers continue to wait and see, and their purchasing enthusiasm is not high. Therefore, the market response is still flat, and most traders still hold a cautious attitude, and their quotations follow the market. It is expected that the market will continue to move forward in a stable and narrow market tomorrow

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