India is most jealous of China's high-speed rail,

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India is "jealous" China's high-speed rail says China is ambitious

India is "jealous" China's high-speed rail says China is ambitious

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Guide: according to Indian media 7, the country is currently quite jealous of China's rapid development of high-speed railway. Indian media said that China is ambitious. The Indian newspaper trust can test all kinds of black and non-ferrous metals in March. On the 7th, it published an article entitled "the huge gap between India and China's Railways". At the beginning, the article said: when India is still on high-speed railways

according to Indian media 7, the country is currently jealous of China's rapid development of high-speed rail

Indian media said that China is ambitious

the Indian Press Trust published an article entitled "there is a huge railway gap between India and China" on March 7. At the beginning of the article, it said: "when India was still in the preparation stage of high-speed railway planning, neighboring China has begun to implement an ambitious high-speed railway network plan: the total mileage of high-speed railway exceeded 28000 kilometers in four years, twice that of similar railways in other countries in the world."

According to the article, Indian railway construction was much better than that of China. In the early 1980s, the total mileage of Chinese railways and the length of electrified railways fell behind India. But China's rapid expansion of Railways reversed the situation. In 1996, China's railway construction surpassed that of India, and by 2001, the total mileage of China's electrified railway also exceeded that of India

India's investment has been too low for decades.

A Research Report by iifl, a famous Indian brokerage company, shows that China's high-speed rail is taking shape at an amazing speed. China conducted a high-speed rail trial operation in 2003, and by 2014, China's total investment in high-speed rail will reach US $500billion, and the total mileage of high-speed rail construction will reach 28000 kilometers, which will be twice the sum of high-speed rail in other countries in the world

the report added that the high-speed railway will reduce the time of North-South travel in China by 65% to reduce the impact of friction and 75% from east to west. In other words, China will be "reduced" by 9% according to the travel time

in contrast, India has not yet built high-speed rail, and the planned investment is much lower. According to relevant documents, the Indian railway was 53596 kilometers in 1950 and 64015 kilometers after 58 years, an increase of only 10419 kilometers. In other words, the average annual increase is only 180 kilometers. "India must speed up its action."

plans to develop high-speed rail through public-private partnership

it is reported that earlier, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had asked the Indian Planning Commission to prepare a route map to transform India's railway system. At present, the railway system is still the largest passenger and freight service provider in India, and China's rapidly expanding railway is used as the reference standard for India's route map, but the "white pollution" caused by waste plastics is becoming more and more serious

it is reported that Indian Railway minister Banerjee recently said that the country will develop six high-speed railway passenger transport channels through public-private partnership. In addition, India will set up a national high-speed railway department to plan, implement and supervise these projects

some commentators believe that high-speed rail will become a "catalyst" for India's economic development, a driving force for the development of satellite towns, and will reduce the phenomenon of urban migration in the country

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