Independently driven tool change mechanism of the

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The tool change mechanism independently driven by the mobile column machining center

the tool change mechanism of the mobile column machining center adopts a separate power drive device, which is located in the area covered by the X coordinate axis of the machine tool, so as to avoid accidental injury to the workpiece during tool change

Figure 1 the tool change process of XTS machining center is in the machining space of the machine tool,

within the range covered by the X coordinate axis of the machine tool

reduce the non machining time and the cost of auxiliary time, improve the degree of automation and equipment utilization, It is the goal that AXA design and development and machine tool operators must use the mortar tensile testing machine according to the process specifications of the manual. When the performance of AXA mobile column machining center is improved, the manufacturing company puts forward to the design and development engineers. At the same time, the company also requires that in the process of optimizing the rigidity of machine tools, the dynamic performance and machining accuracy of machine tools should be improved, and the speed of tool change should be accelerated

the experts of the mobile column machining center located in schoeppingen designed the moving distance in the x-axis direction between 700 ~ 12000mm on the machining center developed and produced. The AXA machining center with improved performance is equipped with a tool magazine connected with the moving column. This kind of tool magazine and double finger tool changing manipulator, which move with the moving column, can pre select tools while the machine tool is cutting, which is conducive to shortening the tool changing time

independently driven tool change mechanism

when updating and improving the design of the mobile column machining center, AXA company adopted a new design concept. In order to achieve the continuous improvement of the dynamic performance requirements of the machine tool and the continuous improvement of the machining accuracy of the machine tool, which often needs to test the three-point bending test, the company adopts a separate power drive in the tool change mechanism. This intelligent automatic tool change mechanism, whose electronic control system is closely connected with the mobile machine tool column, always prepares a tool for the next machining process of the machining spindle. When necessary, the tool change mechanism automatically runs to the tool magazine at the loading station while cutting the spindle of the machining center, and takes out the tools required for the next process of the spindle. Because the weight of the tool changing mechanism is omitted, and the driving system is redesigned, the dynamic performance and machining accuracy of the mobile column machining center are improved

due to the increasing requirements of users for the number of tools in the tool library, AXA engineers have developed a new variant tool library: XTS tool library. In the VHC mobile column machining center, the future work of the chain cutter with XTS structure will focus on improving the mode of PDA, and the tool library is located next to the machine tool. The clamping manipulator that moves autonomously along the X axis and the Z axis provides the machining tools necessary for cutting the spindle of the machining center. The extremely high dynamic performance and intelligent manipulator control can make the machine tool column move along the X coordinate axis and prepare for tool change accurately and quickly. The tool magazine close to the machining machine tool allows changing the tool at any time, and it allows changing the tool within the time when the spindle moves. In XTS and S-type mobile column machining centers, this tool change mechanism is completely within the area covered by the X coordinate axis of the machine tool, but outside the cutting area of the tool, so as to avoid accidentally damaging the contour of the workpiece during tool change

further expansion of variant configuration

Figure 3 vpc55u machining center can complete the machining of five sides of large workpiece

there are also new improvements in gantry machining center. For example, in the rotary head of vpc55u stepless interpolation, options and variant configurations are added. This kind of machining center is manufactured according to the beam structure. The moving distance of the equipment is 2300mm × 1400mm × 900mm, suitable for processing molds and process equipment, and also suitable for processing three-dimensional workpieces with five processing surfaces. In addition to sk-50 rotary head used in vpc55u machining center, SK40 rotary head is also used in vpc45u machining center, and rotary heads are also equipped in vpc45 and vpc55 machining centers with pure vertical machining. The newly developed rigid bed and the latest CNC circular rotary table rta6 enable each table in these machining centers to process large workpieces with a maximum weight of 3500kg. The newly developed machine tool spindle can be machine tool variants SK40 (HSK 63A) and sk50 (HS belongs to the highest level K 100A in flame retardant materials). The machine tool is equipped with a motor with a driving power of 40kW or 57kw, which provides the machining center with great cutting power and strong cutting torque at low speed. (end)

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