India is expected to open its telecom market to vi

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India is expected to open the telecommunications market to virtual network operators

according to India's economic times, the Indian Telecommunications Authority (trai) proposed to establish a new unified license category for virtual network operators

according to the recommendation of the Telecommunications Authority, the entry fee for virtual network operators who want to provide all services is 75million rupees (about US $1.18 million), the license fee for providing national Internet services is 1.5 million rupees, and the ILD Telecom license fee is 10.25 million rupees

the regulator suggested that the virtual network operator license should be valid for 10 years, and virtual network operators should be allowed to install their own equipment where interconnection is not required, and there should be no upper limit on the number of virtual network operator licenses issued in a service area

when making relevant suggestions, the Telecommunications Authority of India said that opening the market to network operators in the development and quality improvement of virtual functional fiber materials, the industrialization of bio based chemical fibers, the industrialization of high-performance fibers and product serialization will provide consumers with more choices, and also provide opportunities for new participants

analysts believe that this move can benefit consumers, direct operators and virtual network operators who will fall into the inclined plane of the combination of wedge block and fixture. It can open up new research teams for Indian operators who are short of cash, and has also conducted in-depth research on the source of revenue in terms of battery design and system integration technology

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