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Xiuqiang glass: independent innovation leads the field of glass manufacturing

Jiangsu xiuqiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest household appliance glass manufacturer in China, ranking among the top ten glass deep-processing enterprises in China. The main products are: home appliance color crystal glass, photovoltaic coated glass, TCO glass, Low-E glass, vacuum insulation board (VIP) and other five series of nearly 1000 varieties

xiuqiang glass has always been guided by product innovation. The company mainly focuses on household appliance shelf/cover glass. Through independent research and development of integral injection molding frame glass shelf technology, it has formed product advantages, making household appliance shelf/cover glass into a fully automatic electronic tensile testing machine to realize the loading and unloading of samples, which is the foundation for the stable development of the company

secondly, while maintaining the stable development of traditional products, the company takes the market as the guide, deeply excavates the potential needs of customers, extends the value chain of customer service, takes the lead in launching colored crystal glass for refrigerators in China, and rapidly grows into the main advantage product of the company. The company has also shifted its research and development focus to the new field of application of glass deep-processing products. It has developed and applied for six invention patents in the field of glass coating. In terms of products, it has newly formed antireflective crystalline silicon solar cell packaging glass, and the application field of products has been expanded

third, the company will focus on introducing new products, solar TCO conductive film glass, and take advantage of the rapid development of the solar industry to improve the company's product structure, enhance the company's technical level, so that high-tech products become the main source of the company's growth. From cold to hot, the company will not give up the advantages of traditional products, shift its focus to high-end products and new product production, and continue to maintain a stable position in the existing market

the company will continue to follow the idea of innovative development, make continuous progress along the technical trend of glass deep processing and product line, gradually optimize the product structure, and continuously enhance the anti risk ability, so as to maintain the continuous and stable development of the company in the state of preparation for description (only when it needs to be described)

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