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The real estate enterprises prepared in advance for the "golden nine and silver ten"

previous August was the traditional off-season of the real estate market, but this August showed a hot trend. In order to make a good preparation for this year's "golden nine and silver ten" real estate market, developers rushed to open the real estate market in advance in August to welcome and store customers, and launched sincere registration concessions. According to incomplete statistics, just last weekend, there were sevenoreight new properties opened in Guangzhou, and the scene was quite popular, and some properties even welcomed more than 10000 people

West: the first complex project of Guanggang new town opened

on Saturday, the sales center and model house of the first complex project of Guanggang new town, "Zhonghai Huawan No. 1", were opened. Nearly 16000 people were welcomed on weekends, and the sales center was crowded

many building watchers told that the large number of people was a little "scary". They drove to see the building early in the morning. After getting off the bridge from Hedong Bridge, there were too many self driving customers to the project, which once caused congestion and implemented temporary traffic control. Due to the large number of customers, developers had to implement diversion, and there was a circuitous long line at the door of the sales center. "It takes nearly an hour to see the four model houses", a citizen at the scene told

according to the developer, the passenger flow over the weekend is about 16000, with more than 700 VIP registered customers, while the first batch of goods is only 600 sets. The salesperson said that the opening time and sales price of the project have not been determined. VIP registration with limited time and limit has been launched since last Saturday. Interested customers can get a special discount of "20000 for 100000". The first batch of residential products to enter the market include about 80 square meters of two rooms, 90/95 square meters of small three rooms, 110/120 square meters of large three rooms, 140 square meters of four rooms, 160 square meters of four rooms

East: the average price of many new projects is below 10000 yuan

on August 8, the Zhongtai Tianjing garden sales center and model houses located in the Zhongxin knowledge city plate were opened. On the same day, I came to the sales center early in the morning and found that the check-in place had been surrounded by visiting customers. Aunt Liu, who came to see the building from Tianhe, told her, "my son is going to get married at the end of this year, and is going to choose a three bedroom unit for him. The house in the urban area costs 35 million yuan at any time, and my family can't afford it. If I choose this location, I can buy it without 1million yuan. The transportation is convenient. If I drive by myself, I can take the South China expressway and Guanghe expressway, and it will take about half an hour."

also on August 8, the new phase II of Meiyue Bay, located in the development zone of Huangpu District, opened. At 11 a.m., when we arrived at its sales center, a large number of customers had gathered to see the house. Field sales revealed that many customers were attracted by the price of the project with the prefix of 9 to come to consult, and several sets of transactions had been made in the morning. It is understood that there are two buildings in phase 2 of this project, with two room units and three room units, and the average blank price is 9800 yuan/square meter. At the same time, some units of three buildings are on sale

South: the first Nansha project of Fok Ying Tung group was opened

on the morning of August 8, the marketing center and model house of the Financial Street rongsui LANWAN project located in the bridge plate of Panyu city were opened. When they came to the marketing center, the scene was already crowded, with about a thousand people. There was a long line in the model room visiting area, and many people began to identify after seeing the model room. On the same day, Binhai Yucheng sales center and hardbound plank houses were also officially opened. Xia Keli, a popular and warm father in "where is Dad going", was specially invited to help with the development status and spatial analysis of on-site plastic extruders. On the same day, more than 100 sets of plastic extruders were identified, setting a new high in the Nansha property market

on the same day, the first project of Fok Ying Tung group in Nansha - Nansha Bay shi'ao Yacht Club officially opened the reception center, and many citizens came here in admiration. It is reported that the project is located in the southeast of Nansha District, Guangzhou, covering an area of about 22 square kilometers. It will gather low-density garden houses, serviced Seaview apartments, coastal style blocks, coastal boutique hotels, Olympic square and other diversified business forms, and will be built into a high-end yacht membership property. The overall planning of the project is 290 garden houses and 48 serviced apartments; Garden houses will be launched in the first phase, covering an area of 75-350 square meters. The spatial layout of the house type has considerable flexibility, and it is expected to open in October this year. Huo Zhenhuan, chief executive of Huo Yingdong group, revealed that shi'ao is the leading step taken by the Huo family in Nansha, and there will be more projects in the future. As the project is adjacent to Nansha Yacht Club, its Yacht Club resources can be shared, and the project is a luxury house configuration in planning, so the price will be higher than the surrounding prices

developers: the volume of goods is abundant, and customers want to open in advance.

the report believes that the supply of real estate in Guangzhou in the second half of this year is sufficient. Coupled with the recent fine-tuning of bank loan interest rate policy, developers have detonated the "golden nine silver ten" in advance. And some high cost-effective rigid demand real estate has also been recognized by buyers, and the psychology of chasing up is obvious

the person in charge of a real estate in Panyu told that the real estate was originally planned to open on national day, but the volume of golden nine silver ten was too large, so it was decided to open in August. "We can get the pre-sale certificate this week. If the subscription amount reaches 300, we will open the market in advance, because the first batch of units will be 150 sets". In addition, the person in charge told that now the mortgage interest rates of many banks in Guangzhou have been adjusted, which will also speed up the recovery of the property market in Guangzhou

according to a real estate developer in Huangpu District, the early sales of the real estate are hot. Building 1 has been purchased by an enterprise as a whole, and it is planned to be an expert international apartment in the future. At present, the first phase has been basically sold out. In order to give back to new and old owners and meet the housing needs of rigid buyers, Xuzhong launched two new products

Expert: this year's "golden nine silver ten" property market may be quite lively

Deng Haozhi, chief analyst of Fangyuan real estate, said that this year's "golden nine silver ten" Guangzhou property market will be very lively, showing a situation of booming supply and demand, and the trading volume will continue the momentum of the second quarter to further hit a new high, and the inventory will further decline. The main reasons include four aspects. In the traditional peak season of buying houses, developers have stepped up the promotion of new policies, the policy is stable and favorable, the stock market has recovered smoothly, the liquidity crisis has been lifted, and the rise in house prices is expected to strengthen. The transaction price may be divided into two stages. The first is the golden week from August to October 1, mainly due to the slight increase in volume and price. In the second stage, after the golden week, prices accelerated. The main reason was the decline in inventory caused by the sharp rise in trading volume, which led to the accelerated rise in prices

long bin, President of Hefu real estate brokerage Research Institute, also believes that this year's "golden nine silver ten" trading volume will be very good. The supply of peripheral areas is relatively concentrated, and there will be more concessions; The relative supply in the central region is not much, and the discount will be reduced than before, and the external demand of 208796 million yen will be slightly increased. The volume of goods in the central urban area will not be too large, mainly because some land kings have begun to sell earlier. It is suggested that some newly renovated buyers can pay attention to the development of Guanggang new town, Baiyun New Town and Fangcun plate in the city center. The volume of goods in these central areas is relatively sufficient and the price is relatively low

citizens: people who are willing to choose the "golden nine and silver ten" to buy a house

interviewed many citizens, and learned that citizens who have been willing to buy a house before generally believe that this year's "golden nine and silver ten" will be the best time to buy a house; Citizens who have no intention of buying houses will still not be moved

Aunt Li met at stampede. She is over 50 now and has retired long ago. Her children also have their own careers. Considering the education of her future grandchildren, she and her husband decided to redecorate the house in the urban area, live for her son and daughter-in-law, and change to a large house with complete surrounding facilities. Since June this year, she has been looking at houses all over Guangzhou, hoping to buy a satisfactory house within the year. She told that one of her relatives who worked in real estate said that this year was the best time to buy a house, and then the house price was likely to rise; The "golden nine and silver ten" is often the time when all real estate projects concentrate their efforts. In order to grab customers, real estate concessions will be more. So I have planned to buy a house in the "golden nine and silver ten"

Mr. Xiao, who is engaged in the design industry, said that even though his friends are saying that it is the most cost-effective to buy a house now, he and his wife only have enough savings to buy a suburban house, and the working place is in Tianhe District. It will be very inconvenient to work on and off shifts. This kind of super performance material shows a series of multifunctional properties at the same time, so he still doesn't plan to buy a house. He set the goal of buying a house in the next year, hoping to buy a suite within 30 minutes of driving to work

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