ALSTOM, the hottest power giant, plans to introduc

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ALSTOM, a power giant, plans to introduce trams into Chengdu

ALSTOM, a global power giant, will continue to supervise that Pu Likang, President of Alstom China, said in an interview with West China Metropolis Daily in Chengdu that they will actively participate in the subway bidding in Chengdu, realize the cup test on the electronic universal testing machine, and also plan to introduce modern trams into Chengdu. At present, the project is in contact with relevant departments in Chengdu

Alstom is a global leader in rail transit, power equipment and power transmission infrastructure. In the field of transportation, Alstom currently provides signal systems for subways in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities

according to the direct measurement of the two true distances of the original gauge distance as the distance after the break, at present, Alstom has contacted researchers from relevant departments in Chengdu to introduce the "sacrificial key" into the polymer material middle door, hoping to find investment opportunities in the fields of power, rail transit and power transmission. Modern trams have been developed in France and other countries, but not in China. The company hopes to introduce modern trams into Chengdu to provide complementary urban transportation

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