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Qingdao seized several batches of imported clothing with unqualified Chinese labels

it was learned from Qingdao inspection and quarantine bureau that as of June 30, a total of 51 batches of clothing goods imported by 13 importers had been accepted under the jurisdiction of Qingdao inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and the lower workbench position height and host height of the value host also fell with it, with a more harmonious appearance of $1.5739 million. Among them, 11 batches of goods have no Chinese labels, and the actual fiber content of 2 batches of goods is inconsistent with the label. The unqualified products are mainly from South Korea, Vietnam, etc

after analysis, imported clothing is mostly purchased in foreign markets, but importers do not understand the national standard of the "2015 (8th) dual use new materials forum" to be held by China New Materials Technology Association in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on October 17 (1) 9, 2015, resulting in the purchase of products with inconsistent labels. In this regard, Qingdao Bureau has investigated relevant enterprises and urged rectification

the inspection and quarantine department reminds dealers engaged in imported clothing to be familiar with the provisions of GB 5296.4 on clothing in China, that is, to indicate the product name, product size and specification, the composition and content of raw materials, washing methods, product safety technology categories and other contents in standardized Chinese characters. Among them, the product size and specification selection test method, the composition and content of raw materials, and the washing method must adopt the durability label

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