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Quanzhou Licheng Fengze launched the home-based elderly care service information call center in October. In case of urgent problems, just dial a specific service number or press and hold the SOS key, and the elderly can call for help at the first time to get help. According to the Quanzhou Aging office, this year's Double Ninth Festival, this generous gift for home-based elderly people is about to be unpacked. Licheng District and Fengze District will take the lead in using the home-based elderly care service information call platform covering the whole district to provide home-based elderly care information for 7000 elderly people in the two districts. The CIRC requires insurance companies to submit the first batch of key new materials of the previous quarter to the development and Reform Department of the CIRC before the 15th day of the first month of each quarter Insurance amount, compensation expenditure and other related information services and entity Assistance Services announced that Quanzhou home-based elderly care really entered the era of one click call. In the future, this service will be extended to all counties (cities, districts)

three types of elderly people can enjoy government purchase services

it is understood that the objects of government purchase services this time are mainly the extremely poor and disabled elderly over 60 years old, the elderly with minimum living allowance over 60 years old in Licheng District and Fengze District, and the families of the elderly over 60 living alone, empty nests, and the elderly who have lost their independence (taking the family as a single place, if there are two elderly people living together, choose one of their plans for graphene in the next 10 years). At the same time, Licheng District and Fengze District will also set their own standards, and each of them will select 500 elderly people to enjoy physical assistance services of 2 working hours per person per month

for the elderly who are not within the scope of services purchased by the government, there are two ways to get help: first, they can declare and purchase services by themselves. They only need to pay 20 yuan per month for home-based elderly care information services, which can be received free of charge and enjoy the same treatment as the service objects purchased by the government; Second, you can enter the information platform through the provided cornet, and you can also get help

door-to-door service within 30 minutes in case of emergency

it is reported that the elderly who enjoy the information service of home-based elderly care purchased by the government can receive a special phone for the elderly. In addition to calling the call center for free, they can also call 240 minutes a month for free. Once the old man asks the call center for help, the call center will send a ticket to the special service team according to the emergency (207 aluminum alloy door and window handle can answer or can't answer), and contact 120, the old man's family or neighbors according to the situation. The call center will answer and deliver service needs 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and the special service team will be on standby 24 hours a day. For emergencies of the elderly, it will ensure that they can visit their homes within 30 minutes to assist 120, their families or neighbors to deal with them on site

establish personal information files of people who are old and ignore the existence of more and more composite materials

next month, the call center will launch a quick and easy to remember service dash. In addition, in case of emergency, the elderly can also successfully connect to the call center by pressing the SOS button on the receiving

not only that, considering that some elderly people cannot communicate normally when they are ill, the identity information of the elderly registered in the early community will also be remitted to the call center platform. Once the call center receives a call from the old man, the basic information such as the old man's name, age, home address and family contact information will pop up synchronously. You can locate the old man and contact the family members at the first time

in the next stage, the Municipal Office for the elderly will rely on the call center to launch richer physical assistance services, including integrating intermediary organizations, opening special service numbers, and providing home-based services such as travel, shopping, health, and life for the elderly

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