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Preferential policies promote the construction of oil roads

Ganzi Prefecture recently implemented preferential policies for the construction of oil roads in Tongxian County, enabling the project construction to achieve investment control on the basis of ensuring quality and construction period

in GuZi village, guzan Town, Kangding County, Luo Jinfu, a member of the village neighborhood committee, pointed to his newly built pavement and told him that his original pavement had been demolished due to the needs of the project. According to the demolition compensation standard formulated by the county, he received more than 70000 yuan of compensation, and soon built a new pavement. Luo Jinfu expressed satisfaction with the county's demolition compensation policy. It is learned that in order to ensure the smooth progress of Tongxian oil road project, Kangding County Government has allocated a total of 1.1 million yuan of supporting funds to compensate the relocated residents in guzan town in a more comprehensive way. Like Luo Jinfu, 42 relocated households have received reasonable compensation. The relocated households interviewed are satisfied with this compensation policy and support the Tongxian oil road project

the state gives a subsidy of 500000 yuan per kilometer to Tongxian oil road project. Due to the poor geological and climatic conditions of most construction sections in Ganzi Prefecture, the construction is difficult. Therefore, at the initial stage of design, the quotation of many projects is far higher than the standard of 500000 yuan per kilometer of pendulum release. The prefecture has formulated preferential policies for this purpose: all production and living land, sand and gravel yards in Tongxian oil road project are allocated free of charge; A series of surcharges for project construction were exempted; The housing demolition, young crops compensation and economic forest compensation involved in the project are all financed by the local government. In addition, the public security, forestry, hydropower, telecommunications and other departments have also actively supported the completion of a large number of supporting work, reducing project consumption and ensuring the smooth implementation of the project

the 16 counties involved in the Tongxian oil road project in Ganzi Prefecture have also introduced more preferential policies to support the construction of Tongxian oil road in combination with the county conditions. Shiqu, Ganzi and other counties organized medical teams to send doctors and drugs to the construction site to provide free metal substitutes for construction personnel from the mainland: Langsheng reinforced nylon 66 material services; Danba, which has the heaviest demolition task, generally arrived at the site county within 2 working days, and the cadres and workers actively donated 800000 yuan to support the project construction; Dege county helps the construction team handle various procedures, and organizes the circuit court to go to the construction site to specially solve various contradictions; Litang County Finance allocated 100000 yuan to establish a project quality and Progress Award Fund; The meteorological department takes the initiative to send the meteorological information to the contract section. At present, the investment of state and county policy supporting funds has reached 177million yuan, with an average of 69800 yuan per kilometer. The whole prefecture has formed a good atmosphere to serve the construction of oil roads in Tongxian county. (wujiangchuan)

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