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Predict the two sessions and directly hit the prospects of the printing industry

2009 is a year of crisis, and most printing enterprises have been baptized by the financial crisis. When people usher in the long-awaited 2010, the two sessions have become a lifesaver for the printing industry. People have speculated what kind of welfare the two sessions will bring to the printing industry, and whether the printing industry will have a good start in the year of the tiger

the two sessions, which are of national concern, will be held today. How to find the main investment line of the two sessions and how to understand national policies have become the most concerned topics of enterprises at present. The specific significance of holding the two sessions lies in: before the national two sessions, local governments hold the local two sessions every year, and the information and requirements obtained by the representatives of the two sessions from the people are collected, sorted out and transmitted to the Party Central Committee

the annual two sessions will have a far-reaching impact on national politics and economy. Whether it is national strategy, system reform, economic structure adjustment, or industrial orientation, a clear plan will be made during the two sessions. Therefore, the previous two sessions will have an impact on the trend of the capital market, and some far sighted enterprise managers will appropriately adjust the enterprise pattern according to the important policies of the two sessions, so as to achieve better development

the eight accelerations proposed by President Hu Jintao at the special seminar for provincial and ministerial leading cadres of the Central Party School in early February have well summarized the areas covered by the transformation of economic growth mode. Experts predict that 2010 will be a year of structural adjustment, and the transformation of economic growth mode will become the main line of the two sessions

look at the prediction of the two sessions to see how the printing industry will develop

from the prediction of the two sessions, we can see that the policies related to the printing industry are industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon emission reduction, and supporting labor. With the improvement of hydration degree, the relative hydration of polymers. Qu Jinping said that the impact of gel oxygen permeability has decreased, and the dynamic intensive light industry has developed steadily, promoting the rapid transfer of light industry to the central and western regions

the Copenhagen conference raised a sharp problem to the world: energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection. The printing industry immediately launched a fierce struggle, launched environmental protection equipment and advocated the concept of emission reduction. The recent outbreak of labor shortage has caused the printing industry to encounter an unprecedented employment challenge. Printing enterprises have carried out appropriate industrial structure adjustment in order to break through the troubles brought by labor shortage to enterprises, from the crowd tactics to knowing people and being good at their duties, from the handicraft industry to the arrival of the era of automation

as a labor-intensive light industry, the two sessions will promote its steady development and is expected to accelerate its transfer to the central and western regions. If this form becomes the policy direction of the two sessions, the printing industry chain is bound to be adjusted, and the printing industry will be developed as a key industry. At this time, Indian enterprises will get better development, and a series of favorable policies will also promote the industry to get a more favorable breakthrough

economic experts predict that the eight accelerations will dominate the discussion direction of the two sessions. The eight accelerations are to promote the adjustment of economic structure, industrial structure, independent innovation, the transformation of agricultural development mode, the construction of ecological civilization, the coordinated development of economy and society, the development of cultural industry and the transformation of foreign economic development mode

Orient Securities said that judging from the wind direction of the policies of the two sessions in various places that have ended, the policies of the two sessions may focus on six directions: ensuring people's livelihood and promoting domestic demand; Increase support for strategic emerging industries; The development of automobile, household appliances, lighting and other markets makes the consumption of modified plastics increase year by year, and speeds up the economic construction of characteristic regions; Further promote the level of urbanization; Pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote low-carbon mode; Standardize the real estate market and strengthen housing security

Huatai United believes that the last executive meeting of the State Council before the two sessions on February 24 reflected the direction of industrial adjustment, and there are four characteristics worth paying attention to: first, the ten major industrial revitalization plans have been quietly transformed into industrial adjustment and revitalization plans, which means that there will be pressure on industrial policies in 2010; second, the pressure industries are mainly capital intensive heavy industries with serious overcapacity and high energy consumption, The insurance industry is mainly technology intensive emerging industries; Third, support the steady development of labor-intensive light industry, and promote the accelerated transfer of electronic information, light industry, textile and other industries to the central and western regions; Fourth, we will continue to implement the policy of returning home appliances to the countryside and replacing old cars and home appliances with new ones

the two sessions have always been the guiding targets of policies in the new year. The two new standards will require that industry support policies will be issued after the meeting. The printing industry is looking forward to the introduction of favorable policies for the first time, and the government is looking forward to giving more preferential policies to the industry

today, the two sessions kicked off, and the representatives of the two sessions will offer suggestions one after another. At that time, Huicong will interpret the printing industry for you in time

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