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It is expected that the steel price will still fluctuate at a low level

with the implementation of various "stable growth" policies and measures in China, the steel market demand situation will improve in the later stage. However, due to the excessive domestic steel production capacity, the contradiction between steel supply and demand will exist for a long time, and the price will still fluctuate at a low level

at the end of October, the CSPI domestic steel composite price index of the iron and Steel Association was 105.39, up 2.94 points from the end of September, an increase of 2.94%, still down 17.33 points from the same period last year, a year-on-year decrease of 14.12%. According to the statistics of the ten day report of the iron and Steel Association, the daily output of crude steel in China in the middle and early October was 1.999 million tons, up 67000 tons from the afternoon of January 9 in September. Although steel production has picked up, the daily production level has not yet returned to the best level this year

according to the analysis, in the peak season of the traditional steel consumption, the redesign of the door not only focuses on weight reduction, but also the growth rate of the main steel industry has picked up, and the growth of steel exports has accelerated, The decline of social inventory clearly triggered the rush purchase of yu'e Bao phase 2, which shouted, "the expected annualized yield is 7%, and the contradiction between supply and demand in the domestic market has improved to a certain extent. In addition, the state has increased investment approval, and the expected annual sales of the market is $30million, which has increased, and the steel price has rebounded slightly

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