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Common faults and maintenance skills of Siemens Inverter

Siemens should be a famous brand in the field of automation, including PLC, human-machine interface, frequency converter, servo products, automatic instruments, etc., which covers almost all fields of automation control and has won a good reputation in all industries

Siemens Inverter occupies an important position in the inverter market with its stable performance, rich combination functions and good torque characteristics. And with its strong brand effect, it broke the monopoly position of Japanese brand inverter in the Chinese market. According to the statistics of relevant professional market research institutions, Siemens' high and low voltage inverter has ranked first in the Chinese market

Siemens frequency converter was first used in the steel industry in the Chinese market. However, at that time, DC speed regulation was still the main motor speed regulation, and the application of frequency converter was still an emerging market. With the continuous development of electronic components and the continuous maturity of control theory, variable frequency speed regulation has gradually replaced DC speed regulation and become the mainstream of drive products. Ximen oil pump non working phonon frequency converter has achieved extraordinary development in this huge Chinese market because of its strong brand effect. The successful development of Siemens in the Chinese frequency converter market should be said to be the perfect combination of Siemens brand and technology. The early Siemens frequency converters we can meet in the Chinese market mainly include SIMOVERT a of current source and SIMOVERT P of voltage source. These frequency converters have also entered the Chinese market together mainly due to the introduction of equipment. At present, there are still a small number of them in use. Later, the main products sold in the Chinese market are micro master and MIDI master, as well as SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVE, the most successful series of Siemens frequency converters, That is what we often call 6SE70 Series. It not only provides the AC-AC frequency converter used in general occasions, but also provides the DC bus scheme of multi motor drive required in papermaking, chemical fiber and other special industries. Of course, Siemens has also launched eco inverter, which is technically unsuccessful but quite successful in the market. The technical failure is mainly due to its high failure rate. The success in the market is mainly due to its surpassing Fuji inverter as the first brand in the Chinese market. At present, the main models of Siemens in the Chinese market are MM420 and mm440.6se70 series

2 common faults of micro master and MIDI master series frequency converters

due to the huge sales volume of Siemens frequency converters in the Chinese market, many problems will inevitably be encountered in use. Here we discuss some common faults of Siemens frequency converters with the majority of users:

Siemens frequency converters should be a brand that entered the Chinese market earlier, so some old products like Micromaster, MIDI master is still used by a large number of users. Let's first analyze the common faults of these two series of products

when the micro MAS workpiece is large, our most common fault of ter series frequency converter is that there is no display when powered on. The switching power supply of this series of frequency converter uses a uc2842 chip as the waveform generator. The damage of this chip will cause the switching power supply to fail to work and thus fail to display normally. In addition, the abnormal working power supply of this chip will also make the switching power supply unable to work normally

for MIDI master through this technology series frequency converter, our common faults mainly include the damage of the driving circuit and the damage of the IGBT module. The driving electricity of MIDI master is common in the laboratory of plastic mixing manufacturers. The instrument circuit is driven by a pair of tubes, and this pair of tubes is also the most easily damaged components. The damage reason is often the damage of the IGBT module, which leads to the high voltage and large current flowing into the driving circuit, The components of the driving circuit are damaged

3 common faults of 6SE70 Series Frequency Converter

for 6SE70 Series frequency converter, due to its good quality, the fault rate is significantly reduced. The fault phenomenon we often encounter is F008 (low DC voltage). Because the sampling signal is obtained directly through resistance voltage reduction, the fault F008 is mainly caused by the damage of the sampling resistance. In addition, we will also encounter f025, f026, f027, the alarm about the loss of input phase. The first reason is that the 6SE70 Series has the input phase detection function, and the damage of the input detection circuit will lead to the input phase loss alarm. If this fault reason is eliminated, the alarm signal cannot be eliminated, and the fault is likely to be the damage of the Cu board. In addition, f011 (overcurrent) fault is also a common fault, and the damage of current sensor is one of the reasons for this fault. In addition, we often encounter the damage of filter capacitors of some patches on the drive circuit and switching power supply during maintenance, which will also cause f011 alarm. Pay special attention to the fault alarm caused by this reason

4 common faults of eco series frequency converters

for Eco frequency converters, the most common faults we encounter are the burning out of the power board and the damage of the power module. The main reason is that there is no isolation circuit between the strong current side (power module) and the weak current side (drive circuit), which leads the strong current into the control circuit, causing a large area of burning out of the drive circuit and switching power supply. In addition, the damage of the precharge circuit is also a common fault (above 30kW), As the current limiting circuit is designed on the AC input side, as long as there is a lead and lag in the time sequence when any one of the three-phase AC power supply is powered, it may cause its own one-way or

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