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Nanjing: the "dress code" of prepackaged food will be standardized from October 1 this year.

from October 1 this year, the labels of all prepackaged food produced on this day and later must comply with the provisions of the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food and the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food for special meals. Yesterday, it was learned from Nanjing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that these two national mandatory standards will promote the plastic industry to move towards the high-end or thickness ratio range this year: PVC is 1.20 ⑴ It will be fully implemented from January 1. Pre packaged food produced before October 1, if the label meets the requirements of the previous series of food labeling standards, can continue to be sold within the shelf life. According to reports, compared with the previous implementation of various food labeling standards, GB "general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food" has added the mandatory marking content of words, symbols, numbers with a height of not less than 1.8mm, the category attribution name that can be used in the ingredient list, and the calculation method of the maximum surface area of the container if the customer has no requirements. Nanjing Bureau of quality supervision also specially reminded enterprises that in view of the large inventory of labels printed by some enterprises according to the original standards, if they stop using them, which may cause great losses to enterprises, production enterprises can apply to Nanjing Bureau of quality supervision for the extension of the use of labels, which is more convenient for use and protection after summarization; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted and reported to the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision for approval. If it is approved, it will be filed by the National Standards Commission and uniformly announced, but the final service life shall not exceed June 1, 2006

source: Modern Express

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