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Predict the development trend of China's sanitary industry

with China's 2 With the regulation of the dirty real estate policy, the rise of raw materials, and the intervention of foreign brands, the development of China's sanitary ware industry continues to expand. Many sanitary ware enterprises have fallen victim to the fierce market competition, and even stopped production in Jiajiang, Sichuan. The continuous price war in the sanitary ware market has also pushed profits to the lowest, making it difficult for some small enterprises to survive

the system of the sanitary ware industry is not very sound, the industry concentration is low, there are few influential enterprises in the whole industry, and most of the small and medium-sized sanitary ware enterprises. These small and medium-sized enterprises generally have obvious disadvantages, such as small scale, obsolete equipment, single products, low technical content, lack of market competitiveness and so on. China's sanitary industry is facing a severe test. In addition, the special situation of unbalanced regional economic development in China has led to the different scale and development speed of sanitary ware market in various regions, resulting in the regional blank or saturation of sanitary ware

it is reported that the sanitary ware industry in China is an imported industry with a history of only more than 20 years. Some foreign Sanitary Ware brands, such as Kohler and deli, have a history of 100 years and rich historical deposits. Their systems are also relatively perfect and mature, and have won the trust of consumers in China. China's sanitary industry is at a disadvantage

China's sanitary ware industry is a downstream industry of real estate, and its development has been closely connected with the real estate industry. The overall speed of real estate slows down, and the sales of the sanitary ware industry is bound to be affected. The differentiation of the sanitary ware industry is becoming more and more obvious, the development of small and medium-sized sanitary ware enterprises is more slow or even declining, and brand sanitary ware enterprises occupy a certain advantage and get better development

with the progress of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the bathroom, the basic functions of the bathroom tend to be improved, the functions of bath, toilet, toilet and so on are combined in various forms, toilet, bathroom cabinet, bathtub go deep into thousands of households, shower rooms and so on have also begun to enter the market, and the overall market presents a high-speed development trend. Acrylic bathtubs, toilets and other new material products have also been applied to a certain extent. Jiadie building materials believes that with the improvement of people's living standards, the specificity of the bathroom has been fully reflected, and the three major pieces, mainly toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room or bathtub, have been popularized on a large scale. At the same time, the bathroom will also add squatting slots according to needs, small institutional people believe that toilets, women's washers and other sanitary ware, and the application of sanitary ware products shows a rapid growth trend

the production raw materials used by traditional sanitary ware ceramic enterprises are mainly clay and other substances, which have one thing in common is excessive pollution. Although this material does have many advantages in terms of price and practicality, can we replace some parts of sanitary products with other materials? On the one hand, this can reduce the degree of pollution brought by the ceramic production process, and on the other hand, it can also save the over development of traditional materials such as clay through material replacement. Therefore, the research and use of new materials can play a very important role in bathroom ceramic products

at present, new materials on the market include wood and man-made materials. How to personalize and satisfy customers' requirements? Stone, acrylic and other raw materials have not only made progress in environmental protection, but also made sanitary products more colorful. Imagine the effect of using traditional materials and new materials together? At present, the new material products in the Chinese market also have a sharp increase trend, and the annual growth rate has also reached more than 30%, so there is no lack of new materials. Sanitary ware ceramic enterprises should start avant-garde design based on the future. Although foreign enterprises are stronger than domestic enterprises in terms of new materials, domestic enterprises will surely surpass foreign enterprises as long as they adhere to the diversified material development model

home decoration can choose specific styles according to your preferences, either simple, American, or rural. It is reported that the choice of bathroom products needs to consider comfort and practicality. If you only pay attention to the trend, it is obviously not enough. After all, it is a product that is often used, so you must choose carefully

from the forecast report on the future prospects of the boutique bathroom industry, we know that with the improvement of economic conditions, people have a variety of needs for bathroom products. Especially, the post-80s and post-90s have become the main consumers in the market. They pay more attention to the special functions of sanitary products and have different ideas about the appearance and interior of products. Various bathroom products with novel shapes have been launched one after another. Designers have fully considered the needs of the market and carried out targeted product research and development. Multifunctional basins, beautiful bathroom cabinets, hardware with strange shapes... All kinds of bathroom products light up life and are concerned by consumers. Here is Jiuzheng sanitary ware to predict the popular trend of the sanitary ware industry in 2015

minimalism is popular

simplicity equals convenience. The trend of minimalism conforms to the psychology of young people, and sanitary products also begin to pursue simplicity. The vanity is no longer blindly pursuing the luxury of the marble countertop; The toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; More and more rational consumers will not ignore the area of their own bathroom, and minimalist style has become popular

intelligent sanitary products are popular

with the development and progress of science and technology, the scientific and technological content of sanitary products is also getting higher and higher. Intelligent temperature regulating bathtubs and intelligent water closets began to appear. Technology has changed life and brought new comfort to consumers

pay attention to health and environmental protection

health and water conservation have been a theme of the bathroom revolution for many years. From bathtubs to toilets to urinals, all parts and places that can resist bacteria, prevent pollution and save water are undergoing technological changes. It is believed that such products can better cater to the psychology of consumers, and sanitary products with antibacterial and water-saving functions will be more outstanding. Take the faucet for example, stainless steel will gradually replace copper, which mainly considers environmental protection and health

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