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According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", a pregnant woman in Taiwan who flew to the United States with a computer recently broke her amniotic fluid on the plane, and a qualified passenger on the plane assisted in the smooth delivery. The captain decided to temporarily transfer to anchorage in the United States to send her mother and daughter to hospital. Later, the U.S. immigration authorities deported the woman for unspecified reasons. Information from relevant units shows that the baby girl born on the plane has obtained U.S. citizenship and is currently in the care of relatives and friends in the United States

according to the regulations of the airline, a doctor's certificate should be issued when the pregnancy exceeds 32 weeks. When the woman checked in at the counter on the evening of the 7th, she claimed that she was less than 32 weeks pregnant, and the ground service agreed that Jane would board the plane without a doctor's certificate. Unexpectedly, six hours after taking off, the plane flew over the Pacific Ocean. The pregnant woman's amniotic fluid broke, and the crew requested the assistance of passengers with medical qualifications. The captain immediately informed the air traffic control unit and the Taipei head office to regularly insist on whether the screws in various parts are stable, considering the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, absolute ethanol must be added to the refrigeration tank and transferred to anchorage airport, Alaska, USA

30 minutes before the flight landed in Anchorage, the woman gave birth to a baby girl on board. After the mother and daughter got off the plane and were sent to the hospital, the flight continued to take off for the destination Los Angeles, but it was delayed for 5 hours

as for the reason why the woman was repatriated, relevant personnel speculated that the U.S. immigration unit might think that Jane didn't fill out the visa exemption application truthfully before she left, which made the U.S. immigration unit suspect that she wanted to give birth in the United States in a fraudulent way, so that the child could obtain U.S. citizenship

a friend broke the news on the community station that when the pregnant woman had pain on the plane, she kept asking the crew "has the plane entered the US airspace?" When a qualified passenger delivered her baby, she told her that she was 36 weeks pregnant

it is pointed out that although this woman did not violate the relevant laws and regulations, if a passenger on the same plane believes that because she was pregnant for 36 weeks, she still forced the flight to make a temporary landing by cheating on the plane, resulting in a five hour delay in the flight, causing damage to passengers, or the airline made a civil claim for compensation due to the additional costs of the temporary landing of the flight, the party still has to face litigation

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