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Prepackaged food without marked production date was ordered off the shelves on suspicion of violating the law

recently, Hefei Yaohai Industrial Park industrial and commercial office and Yaohai community management committee food office conducted a surprise inspection on several supermarkets in the jurisdiction where different types of experimental machines are required to use different fixtures, and found that the production date on a batch of frozen food packaging bags had disappeared

located in the freezing area of a large supermarket chain at the intersection of Wenzhong road and Xinhai Avenue, law enforcement officers counted a batch of meat balls with unknown production date on site, a total of 7 impact testing machine operating procedures bags, each weighing 2.5 kg

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the person in charge of the supermarket can't say what the production date is. She explained that this batch of goods came in the day before yesterday, and there will be no problem

according to Article 42 of the food safety law: the package of prepackaged food shall be labeled. The first item clearly points out that the contents of the label include name, specification, net content and production date. Therefore, the supermarket was suspected of violating the law, and the law enforcement officers ordered all relevant products to be removed from the shelves and stopped selling, and filed a case for investigation

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