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Premier Li Keqiang promoted the high-speed railway to "work" and China's railway revenue reached a new high

on October 14, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council was invited to visit the open innovation Moscow International Innovation Development Forum exhibition with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Xinhua News Agency raoaimin

the insulation thickness at the dent of the Bloomberg imprint mark in the United States should conform to the minimum value of the rules in the relevant cable product standards. An article written by the Bo news agency on the 30th said that Premier Li Keqiang's overseas promotion of China's Railway revenue reached a historical record. Now, his efforts are beginning to bear fruit. The article said that when visiting Africa or other developing regions, Premier Li Keqiang often promoted the technology and products of Chinese railway enterprises. Last year, the record earnings of this industry showed that the return of his promotion was gradually emerging

Bloomberg said that in 2014, China's four major railway equipment and construction companies achieved high profits. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, as the Chinese government seeks to export the technical expertise to support the world's largest high-speed rail network, China's high-speed rail revenue will reach a new high in 2015

andersonchaw, head of Infrastructure Research in the Asia Pacific region of HSBC, also said in an interview that China's experience in domestic high-speed rail construction, equipment manufacturing and operation is a useful help for Chinese high-speed rail enterprises to obtain foreign orders

in addition to expanding emerging markets such as Africa, central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and South Asia, China's high-speed rail project investment is also actively seeking high return orders from developed countries. The merger of CNR and CSR, the two largest railway locomotive manufacturers in China, has laid a foundation for better export of railway technology

at the same time, under the leadership of China, three lending institutions with at least US $190billion have begun to take shape, including the US $40billion Silk Road Fund announced last November. This fund is intended to revitalize the ancient Silk Road and provide financial support for infrastructure construction along the route

the returns of the four railway companies are showing

brianlamandkelvinlau, an analyst at Daiwa capital markets in Japan, said in a report in January this year that we believe that the purpose of China's establishment of this fund is to promote technology exports, defuse surplus capacity, and strengthen economic and political relations with neighboring countries

according to the median prediction of many analysts, in 2014, the net profit of this new series of fabric cars developed by us in South China reached 5.7 billion yuan (about 917 million US dollars), the net profit of CNR reached 5.9 billion yuan, the net profit of China Railway Corporation was 10.7 billion yuan, and the net profit of China Railway Construction Corporation was 11.5 billion yuan

these four companies will announce their annual earnings in the near future. Citigroup's global market analysts said that the key to evaluating the future earnings of these companies is to carefully study the new orders announced in their annual earnings report

Li Keqiang's Hunan Inspection of Shanghai Kunming high speed railway

Nigeria's $11.97 billion railway bill

according to an official of China's Ministry of Commerce on February 5, last year, Chinese companies signed a total of $24.7 billion in contracts in the railway field

last year, China Railway Construction signed a railway construction contract with Nigeria of up to US $11.97 billion, which is the largest single contract signed by Chinese enterprises

last year, Chinese enterprises participated in 348 overseas railway construction projects, and the export of locomotive and rolling stock was 3.74 billion US dollars

the total amount of new overseas contracts signed by CSR and CNR exceeded US $6billion, an increase of more than 60% year-on-year. Among them, the export Boston metro project obtained by CNR is the first time that China's rail transit equipment has landed in the United States

on May 5, 2014, it has absolute advantages over other materials; Secondly, in the afternoon, the China railway air show was held at the African Union Conference Center, where Premier Li Keqiang, Ethiopian Prime Minister hailemariam, and African Union Chairman Zuma jointly visited

the the Belt and Road helps China's railways go to sea

lawrenceli, an industry analyst at Dahua Jixian investment in Shanghai, said that China's the Belt and Road initiative will bring great benefits

as early as 2014, the determination of China's railway to go to sea was increasing. When Premier Li Keqiang visited Britain last year, he actively promoted China's railway technology to the British side. At the same time, Chinese enterprises are also interested in bidding for a high-speed rail project in California

it cannot be ignored that China's domestic railway market is also very popular. Since the completion of the first Beijing Tianjin high-speed rail line in 2008, 28 of the 31 provinces and regions in mainland China have fully covered high-speed rail lines in the past six years

Premier Li Keqiang also said in the government work report on March 5 that the railway investment this year should be maintained at more than 800billion yuan, especially to strengthen the construction of transportation projects in the central and western regions

20 there are countless examples. In November 2013, Premier Li Keqiang and leaders of 16 central and Eastern European countries or their representatives visited the China Railway and other infrastructure and equipment manufacturing exhibition

High Speed Rail Construction boosts China's urbanization process

Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in the government work report that last year, China's new railway was put into operation with a mileage of about 8500 kilometers, and the high-speed railway operation mileage reached 16000 kilometers, accounting for more than 60% of the world. Dahe capital market analysis believes that by 2020, China will build 14545 kilometers of high-speed rail, with an investment of 1.8 trillion yuan

Bloomberg said that China plans to increase the urbanization rate from 54% in 2013 to 60% by 2020, which will expand the demand for urban rail transit. The national development and Reform Commission of China has approved urban rail projects in 38 cities, and projects in 43 cities have started or completed approval

Dahua Jixian investment company believes that China's domestic fixed investment will continue to expand. Last year's record earnings and high profits in the next few years will mainly come from the domestic market. At present, the interests of foreign markets are only the icing on the cake extra dividends

in August 2013, Li Keqiang inspected the railway construction site in Western China

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