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It is predicted that the global automotive coating market may shrink.

the world-famous Luo has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. LAN Berger consulting company (Roland users are still willing to bear the traditional PC control system Berger) said that due to the impact of the economic recession, consumers' willingness to buy cars has shifted to small cars, which is a big impact on chemical companies that regard the automotive industry as the main end market

Marcus Barrett, partner of Roland Berger consulting in Stuttgart, said: 'it's meaningless to just look at the output of cars. Because the output of small cars in some countries has increased greatly, but the output of medium-sized cars and luxury cars has decreased by 30% - 40%, and the output of super luxury cars is lower. " He also said: "from the perspective of chemical suppliers, the value of chemicals required by a high-end car on the market can top the value of chemicals required by fourorfive small cars."

in order to improve the fuel efficiency of cars and reduce pollution, the downturn of the automotive industry has a particularly serious impact on leather chemicals and engineering plastics manufacturers. At the same time, the willingness of car buyers to spend on products that are only to increase beauty (such as paint, automotive paint, etc.) has also been greatly reduced

Marcus Barrett said that the increase in M & A transactions in the automotive industry is expected to create companies with greater purchasing power. Now chemical manufacturers must work closely with automotive manufacturers to meet special needs. However, the current reality is that other suppliers work closely with the automotive industry, while chemical manufacturers do not

consultants believe that global auto production is unlikely to return to its pre recession level before 2013-2014

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