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Cost 130million toilet these toilets are so expensive that you doubt your life

130million toilet. These toilets are so expensive that you doubt your life

Zhonghua: what are the American people doing when you are crouching at the shopping mall and snapping up discounted LV bags on the double 11? Take LV bag as toilet directly

it is reported that on November 10 local time, a toilet covered with LV leather was displayed in Los Angeles, USA. The area of leather goods consumed outside the toilet is 24 LV bags valued at $15000. Moreover, the inner wall of the toilet is covered with gold, and the internal parts are all made of gold. Online synchronous sales, selling price of $100000

the toilets on display allow people to sit on them, but they must not take off their pants. If you really want to experience the bitterness of pooping on $100000, please go out and turn left to swipe your card for payment

for such an expensive toilet, Chinese netizens joked that the American people really "treat money like dirt"! But in fact, this is not the most expensive toilet in the world! Speaking of expensive, the first place is in the space station, the second place is in China, and the third place is in the United States! Next, hold your chin and see how expensive these toilets are


Shanghai Gold toilet

6600 US dollars

Shanghai Gold toilet has the same function as ordinary toilet. It is made of pure gold and costs 6600 US dollars. It is a work displayed by Shanghai people at the 2006 world's top life experience summit - the living standard of magic city is really top


dagobel wooden toilet

14.23 million US dollars

the toilet designed for the French monarch dagobel II is made of pure wood in the shape of the throne. There is a music box inside the toilet, which can play two songs, "Happy Birthday" and "the kind emperor dagobel". The handle at the lower left corner has the function of automatic flushing, and the overall cost is $14.23 million. Think about it. Is it a little exciting that you can press down the medieval history of Europe


yacht golden toilet

15300 US dollars

one day, a rich man in Dubai built a yacht named majesty135, worth 18million US dollars. It was magnificent and luxurious, but he felt that there was no toilet worthy of it. So we asked the designer to create a pure gold toilet. By the way, we plated the bathtub and wash basin with gold, which made them glitter with gold

later, other Saudi tyrants gathered around and found that the golden toilet was only $15300, which was too cheap! So they queued up to copy the same one. After all, the most important thing Dubai local tyrants need is gold


Swarovski toilet

75000 USD

when it comes to the glittering blind, Lizhu's Swarovski toilet definitely ranks among the top. 75000 Swarovski crystals are inlaid on the surface of the toilet. You can see blinking. Are you sure you can find the position of the toilet cover

more than 70000 crystals. I feel flustered when I touch them. In case PP can't find the right position to stick on it, it should be very sour


cave toilet

750000 USD

do you think gold jewelry is too eye-catching? The cave toilet in Shanghai Moon Lake Park is much more low-key. The whole toilet is an artificial cave, with an overall cost of 5million yuan, equivalent to 750000 US dollars

there are branches climbing in the cave. The toilet is built according to the grotesque cave. Beside the toilet, there are sculptures with different postures. The stalactite is cleverly transformed into a faucet

what's more interesting is that the men's toilet is called "Xiaoyao cave" and the women's toilet is called "relaxed square". Visitors are free to use it, but it takes hours to get in and relax


american toilet

2.53 million US dollars

the gold toilet on display at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, US, is made of 18K pure gold, named "American", and costs 2.53 million US dollars. The toilet was designed by Maurizio Cattelan, an Italian talented indignant youth. He wanted to prove that "no one can get rid of the commonness of human beings" by saying that "the rich also have to defecate, and civilians can also use the golden toilet"

tourists can spend $15 to experience it for 5 minutes. It doesn't matter if they just take a shit. If they don't mind the security guard staring at you

however, after each user goes to the toilet, someone will carefully clean it with a medical wiping cloth, and steam, disinfect, wax and polish it regularly to ensure that the 18K Gold toilet will always shine


Hengfeng gold toilet

5.8 million US dollars

the gold toilet built by linshirong, chairman of Hong Kong Hengfeng group, consumes 380 kg of 24K gold, embedded with thousands of diamonds and pearls, and costs 40.6 million yuan, equivalent to 5.8 million US dollars. It can be called the most luxurious. The gold toilet of Dubai local tyrants is eclipsed by one of them

of course, the most expensive is not only the toilet, but also the wash basin, bathtub and wall are made of gold. Do you feel like you have reached the peak of your life by lying inside

when the golden toilet was just launched, you could spend 3000 yuan to squat in it for 3 minutes. Unfortunately, since linshirong's death in 2008, this golden toilet has been collected in the showroom and no longer receives tourists


International Space Station toilet

19million US dollars

the most expensive cost in history, 19million US dollars, equivalent to 130million yuan, is a toilet customized by Russia for the international space station to ensure that astronauts can use the toilet comfortably in space

all the pedestal supports of this super tech toilet are in a weightless state, and the pedals help astronauts to be close enough to the toilet to form a confined space. Special fans are included to ensure that all excrement is sucked into the septic tank and will not float inside the space station

of course, the most important thing is that the internal filter is beyond imagination. The fecal water and urine extracted from the septic tank can be directly supplied to astronauts for drinking through the purification system. The remaining waste is thrown out of the capsule and burned in orbit around the earth

source: kitchen and bathroom pictorial




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