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The printing and coding machine has become a new favorite in the modern packaging industry.

China now clearly stipulates that the production date, production batch number, factory name, address and expiry date should be printed for the packaging of various production industries. Therefore, there is a great demand for printing products in the market. Among them, the printing products are divided into two types: ink jet printer and code printer, and the code printer is divided into two types: version code printing and steel plate code printing, which should be adjusted or cleaned. Compared with the above three products: the price of inkjet printer is higher, which is 15 times the price of general printer, but the printing effect is good; The printing effect of the printing plate is better than that of the steel plate. Its effect is comparable to that of the inkjet printer. The printing plate is adjustable, which can save the cost of consumables, and the price is moderate. It is the first choice for some small and medium-sized enterprises

recently, according to relevant parties and users, due to the large demand in the coding market, there are a lot of coding machines of various brands. Some businesses use low-quality and low-cost methods to impact the market. Their general price is about 50% of the price of high-quality coding machines. For example, some manufacturers use the secondary vortex gear Electromechanical, which will have a gap after 600 hours of operation, resulting in blurring and reproduction of printing; ABS plastics are also used as gears. During operation, the plastics will be heated, aged, deformed, misaligned and cracked, resulting in problems in printing. Such a code printer operates for 8 hours a day. The service time of a machine does not exceed three months. Even some code printer manufacturers do not have after-sales supporting services at all. When the machine has problems, users cannot solve them. This not only increases the production cost in disguise, but also causes serious production losses

correspondingly, some old brands are winning the favor of users with their quality and service. Since Guangzhou fengdeli's environmental code printer was put on the market in 1995, its products have been highly praised in the domestic market because of their adherence to the business policy of "quality first, service enterprise". Its version of the code printer is characterized by the use of high-quality dc gear motor, which makes its operation stable and durable. The service life of a code printer can be more than 10 years, and there is no need to change parts frequently. At the same time, fengdeli company uses one program to serve the enterprise (integrating research, production, sales, after-sales service, and supply of consumables and accessories in one day off), so that the enterprise can buy and use the wheat stalk bearing capacity test conducted by the material mechanics laboratory of Gansu Agricultural University, and can solve the problems in an emergency in order to complete the query effectiveness, effectively ensuring the stable production of customers

the fengdeli code printer has been used for many years in many large enterprises, such as Shenzhen heweiwei food company, Sunshine Dairy, Huang's dairy, Jiangxi site liquor, Sanjiu Weitai, etc., and has established a good brand image

with the further standardization of the market by the National Technical Supervision Department, low-quality products will be eliminated by the market, while companies pursuing high quality and excellent service will have a broader market space

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