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2018 maker Carnival lights up the world of creative intelligence: artificial intelligence leads the trend, makers revel in technology highlands


technology collides with inspiration to light up life

from October 12 to 14, 2018, the 2018 maker's Carnival jointly organized by Chuangzhi world and mushroom cloud maker space came to a successful conclusion. For the eighth consecutive year, it has attracted tens of thousands of makers from all over the world to gather here to witness the annual high-level, high-specification and high-speed shopping bar golden technology event. Whether it is makers or ordinary people, the "maker spirit" brings everyone together in this happy land of science and technology for a three-day carnival. The inspection and quarantine departments of more than 100 exhibitors will increase the punishment for actions against inspection and quarantine laws and regulations, and more than 10000 fans will be excited about the Shanghai maker carnival

as an artificial intelligence leading the future, it is also focused on activities. "Artificial intelligence +" that is empowering all walks of life will be available all the time and everywhere. This maker's Carnival also further released this signal. Through a number of artificial intelligence landing projects on display, it presented the huge energy accumulated by the gap produced by the scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform to the audience, creating a scientific and technological highland that the whole people can participate in, touch closely, and the latest and trendy technologies

technology collides with inspiration to light up life

in the era of mass innovation and entrepreneurship, the maker carnival is not only a carnival of creativity, but also a life that makers put into practice and really change with technology. This maker's Carnival covers a wide range of fields. Nowadays, the popular UAV can experience the convenience and fun brought by technology in hands-on operation. X-fly, known as "F1 in the air", landed at the makers' Carnival in the form of exhibition competition + experience, bringing immersive air flight to extreme sports enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts. Robots from different countries are also gathered here, including cross-country rally, mecha fighting, boxing, waste wood robots... Bringing cool and interesting robot wars. In addition, there are many interactive art devices, such as the magic cube robot, which has set a new Guinness record, the role-playing robot that takes you into the fairy tale world, the robot band, a Japanese star maker robot band, and the EXT broom of Harry Potter magic department

inspiration is put into practice, and technology changes life. The public can have zero distance access to the most cutting-edge technology applications, face-to-face communication with makers, practice and imagination, and experience the charm of creation on site. Science and technology are not far away. This activity actually brings changes to life with innovation and creativity, so as to improve people's quality of life. It also aims to bring inspiration to people and encourage the public to think and do

"three forums" closely follow the hot spots, and artificial intelligence leads to hot discussion

2018 maker Carnival focuses on the three core modules of "education", "creation and intelligent manufacturing" and "technology and art" to explore the possibility of combining with artificial intelligence. The three forums closely coincide with current topics, and invite well-known makers, technology artists and makers' education masters from all over the country to come to the site and share their dry goods

with the title of "open source hardware and maker education", the Education Forum reviewed the current situation of the integration of open source hardware and maker education, and imagined a feasible way for maker education to implement AI science popularization activities. The forum attracted a lot of people from education circles from many technologies and enterprises due to technology, market capacity and other reasons, and had a heated discussion and interaction on how artificial intelligence can empower maker education

the creation and intelligent manufacturing forum invited the graffiti intelligent globalization intelligent platform with outstanding achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation, the world's leading voice AI interactive platform - Spitz, and Mr. Gao xuzhenghe, the scientific and technological Ambassador of swtich science, to share their time trends from manufacturing to creation and then to intelligent manufacturing, and jointly discuss the application prospects of artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent hardware

technology needs the beauty of art, and art also needs the empowerment of technology. In this carnival, several top global artists parachuted into the maker Art Forum: image artist jianghongqing cited four "one minute images" about the future of mankind to discuss how to define himself in the digital age; Benjamin bacon, a New York designer, musician and educator, talks about the future of art and technology from the visual image works; Linjunting, the representative of the contemporary Chinese new media art trend, shared how to translate Chinese culture and aesthetics with new media and interpret the connotation belonging to the Chinese; Leon Lu, a designer, researcher and educator, even threw out the question of "no, how people interact", which led people to think about the social media under the interactive art. Let the public deeply understand the close relationship between artificial intelligence and new media, technology and art

science and technology are people-oriented and green environmental protection is the first.

since 2012, the "do it yourself" maker movement based on open source hardware was born on the west coast of the United States and quickly spread to the world. Shanghai took the lead in transforming itself into a city where maker culture took root quickly. As the only knowledge innovation community in Shanghai that integrates work, study, entertainment and life, creative world has become the cradle of the birth and development of maker carnival

scientific and technological development is people-oriented, and green can open a bright future. The maker Carnival adheres to the concept of environmental protection. Since 2017, the carnival has achieved zero abandonment. Makers turn waste resources into hand-made works of art, and use actions to lead the public to pay attention to the environment and turn waste into treasure. Based on the influence of the event, the Organizing Committee further deepened the goal of environmental protection of the exhibition this year, and vigorously advocated waste classification and resource reuse, inviting every visitor and exhibitor to consciously classify waste. Let the attendees truly feel that the maker carnival is not only a fun science and technology event, but also a microcosm of a better life

innovation and creation are the driving force for the development of this era. Maker culture is like a continuous source. As a leading knowledge innovation community in China, the world of creative intelligence runs through the word "creative" and "intelligent". Take the maker Carnival as an opportunity to integrate innovative thinking into the daily life of the public, inspire the public to think and practice, let the maker culture and spirit meet the ordinary life, and let everyone living in it feel the beautiful life led by science and technology

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