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Shanghai connect railway ushers in new opportunities for steel logistics

since the official commencement of the Yangtze River Bridge of Shanghai connect railway, it has been widely concerned by all parties. The construction of Shanghai connect railway will not only bring great changes to East China, but also bring new opportunities for the development of steel logistics industry

after the completion of Sutong Bridge and Chongqi bridge, Shanghai Nantong railway will become another fast channel for Nantong to integrate into Shanghai's one hour economic circle, which is of great significance for improving the image of the city portal in East China, promoting the coastal development strategy, especially for the circulation of large quantities of goods such as steel with large freight volume

the Yangtze River Bridge of Shanghai TongZhou railway connects Nantong and Shanghai. It is a convenient transportation channel connecting central Jiangsu, Northern Jiangsu, Southern Jiangsu and Shanghai. The material of its box shell is relatively special. The construction of the whole project will further highlight the unique geographical advantages of "relying on the river, the sea and Shanghai". At the same time, Shanghai connect railway also brings new opportunities for the development of logistics enterprises in Shanghai, Nantong and East China, especially for iron and steel enterprises in East China to explore the steel market in this region

according to market analysis, the Shanghai connect railway is a major railway artery connecting Northern Jiangsu. Its construction plays an important role in improving the railway economy such as Shanghai Qidong railway and Xinchang Changsha railway, and revitalizing the central Jiangsu Road, Northern Jiangsu Road and local steel logistics. There are many iron and steel enterprises along the Shanghai connect railway, such as Baosteel, Shagang, Yonggang, Nangang, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel and other iron and steel enterprises. The products of these enterprises can enter Northern Jiangsu through the Shanghai connect railway, and fo is the lower limit frequency (Hz) to be transmitted to eastern China, which will drive the steel logistics industry along the Shanghai connect railway

the convenient transportation hub formed by Shanghai Nantong railway will bring certain advantages to Nantong logistics enterprises to accelerate their external expansion, such as Linsen logistics group, the "leader" of Nantong logistics enterprises. After the completion of Shanghai connect railway, Linsen logistics group can further save operating costs. Relying on the putting into use of "Linsen logistics center", the vigorous promotion of drop and hook transportation, and the comprehensive development of urban distribution, it can integrate and optimize resources, vigorously explore markets, expand development scale, and help logistics enterprises extend to more fields and further regions

at present, Tongzhou District of Nantong City along the Shanghai connect railway seizes the opportunity of the approval of the Shanghai connect railway to build a railway logistics hub and takes the development of modern logistics industry as a major decision. Tongzhou will connect with the overall planning of Shanghai TongZhou railway, launch the planning of Railway Logistics Park, vigorously introduce logistics enterprises, establish a means of production logistics alliance, and promote the construction of a processing center with an investment of 200million yuan. Now, Huisheng has formed an influential professional market and logistics market that serves the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, such as logistics materials, golden triangle steel trade, Huisheng logistics, etc

similarly, iron and steel enterprises along the Shanghai connect railway are also taking active actions to build a steel logistics base. Some iron and steel enterprises have jointly established coal coking production bases in Northern Jiangsu. After the completion of Shanghai connect railway, the steel plant will expand the market of coking products in East China through Shanghai connect railway, which can greatly reduce logistics costs. At the same time, some steel enterprises are paying close attention to the construction of steel logistics industry. For example, Yonggang, Shagang, Zhongtian and other steel enterprises are actively expanding the steel logistics industry and expanding the radiation area of the steel market. After the opening of the Shanghai connect railway, the southern Jiangsu ring railway network of Shanghai Suzhou Wuxi Zhenjiang Nanjing Yangzhou Taizhou Nantong will be formed, and a new fast track will be formed between Shanghai and Xuzhou and between Shanghai and Nanjing, so as to effectively alleviate the pressure of steel logistics in the eastern region due to the formulation of relevant policies. For surrounding steel enterprises, such as those in southern Jiangsu, with the help of Shanghai connect railway, they can better integrate into China's coastal economic belt, attract investment, and enhance the logistics advantages of water, railway, and highway linkage of steel products and steel raw materials, so as to expand and strengthen the steel logistics industry

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