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Shanghai Daily Chemical Technology Exhibition is about to open, Huaxing Glass exclusive title

wonderful may, passionate summer. From May 4 to 6, 2012, the 11th Shanghai International daily chemical raw material packaging machinery and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Daily Chemical Technology Exhibition") will be grandly held in halls W4, W5 and N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The first-class domestic and foreign daily chemical packaging, machinery and equipment enterprises and raw material suppliers are preparing for the exhibition in full swing

the development of cosmetics packaging trend

in this personalized and rhythmic moment, cosmetics packaging is also gradually developing in the direction of personalization and creativity, the introduction and application of new technologies and processes, the guidance of new concepts of green science and technology, and the development and replacement of new environmental protection materials. As a cosmetics packaging production enterprise, it must keep up with the pace of the big army and lead the trend

forum · platform · discussion

in front of this huge industrial chain of more than 500 domestic and foreign first-class daily chemical packaging, machinery and equipment, raw material suppliers, one-stop communication, trade and service platform, the Organizing Committee of Shanghai daily oil delivery valve technology exhibition is in line with the purpose of providing a platform for buyers and sellers, experts and technicians in the industry, which is helpful for domestic packaging enterprises to understand the latest information in the same field internationally, An exchange and learning platform to improve the technical level of the industry, jointly hosted with international cosmetics manufacturing, and sponsored by Guangdong Huaxing Glass Co., Ltd. with intelligent function setting expert system, parameter selection, database, clear window Chinese interface, simple mouse operation cosmetics sales department - Guangzhou Liji packaging materials Co., Ltd. exclusively titled the "green, science and technology, innovation" sustainable development packaging technology forum

the forum was held at 13:30 p.m. on May 4, 2012 in the international packaging forum area of W4 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Nielsen, a famous research institution leading global market research, information and analysis services, and experts from the packaging Department of China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute and Johnson & Johnson Global Innovation Center were invited to discuss the latest global packaging technology and innovative design, the latest technological solutions for sustainable packaging, and the packaging with insight into consumers' most popular accounts

exclusive title sponsorship

as one of the leading enterprises of domestic daily chemical glass packaging products, Guangzhou Liji packaging materials Co., Ltd., a cosmetic glass bottle sales company under Guangdong Huaxing Glass Group, affirmed this forum and expressed support with exclusive title sponsorship. Guangzhou Liji packaging materials Co., Ltd., which focuses on the glass packaging of medium and high-end skin care products for daily use, was launched in 2006 under the careful creation of Guangdong Huaxing Glass Group, the country's largest daily-use glass enterprise. It specializes in opening electronic extensometers, which are sensors for measuring the stress deformation of test pieces. It designs and sells skin care, perfume, nail polish and other cosmetic bottles. Among the numerous enterprises, Guangzhou Liji packaging materials Co., Ltd. can stand out. In just six years, it has become one of the leading enterprises in domestic daily chemical packaging products, relying on a strong scientific research team, the excellent pursuit of product quality, sophisticated diversified processes and excellent corporate culture construction

the series of products developed are self-developed on the basis of reference to brand packaging, and improved on the original basis. The use performance and convenience of many packaging are even better than brand packaging, completely surpassing some enterprises in the same industry; From the developed products to the business mode, Liji packaging has been studied and imitated by some companies in the same industry. It is the first to walk in the front end of daily chemical packaging, which not only relies on exquisite diversified technology, superb research and development ability, high requirements for product quality, but also a very important point is the company's strong supply capacity. Diversified process technology to meet diversified market demand; Strong supply capacity as support; The business philosophy of "committed to the success of customers and self achievement" has led Li Ji packaging to lead the development of the industry

expert evaluation activity

it is reported that this packaging forum for green, innovative and sustainable development of science and technology will start with an overall thinking:

first, invite experts to interpret the inspection results of the state on excessive packaging last year, remind the whole industry, and let enterprises understand from the side that the state has never been lax in management and supervision. If they want to do business and development, they must do well, We should not only make profits, but also develop sustainably. Then invite the president of the enterprise sustainable innovation Department of Nielsen, an internationally renowned information company, to use their real survey data to tell that China's cosmetics retail business has entered the retail innovation mode. In this retail innovation mode, the innovative retail mode has led to the change of product packaging mode, and consumers have moved towards a rational understanding of packaging. So as to guide enterprises to understand that there is no conflict between environmental protection packaging and profit

at this moment, I believe that many entrepreneurs' ideas will change in the face of strong data. At this time, please invite experts from the packaging research institute to introduce the innovative technology in packaging, so that enterprises know that sustainable development is feasible. Finally, the Johnson & Johnson Global Innovation Center will share with practical successful examples, show some packaging products that have been successfully recognized by the market, and guide domestic cosmetics enterprises in terms of material selection, appearance design, etc

it's exciting to see here. So many famous enterprises and experts come to interpret the sustainable development technology of "green, science and technology, innovation" for you. Come on, look forward to your participation. You have a share of the wonderful presentation of W4 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 4, 2012! Zhonghua glass (A18 dry bulk shipping market rebounded strongly) Department

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