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Shanghai prepares AI development roadmap 2019 analysis of the strategic pattern of the AI industry in Shanghai (with charts)

recently, the Shanghai municipal government mentioned at the press conference that Shanghai is preparing the AI industry development roadmap to form an AI Shanghai plan. In addition, Shanghai will also promote the establishment of investment in Shanghai's artificial intelligence industry, further make good use of science and technology innovation, and promote the combination of investment and industry

artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary subject that integrates computer science, physiology and philosophy. Artificial intelligence technology is considered to be used whenever machines are used to replace human beings to realize cognition, recognition, analysis, decision-making and other functions. At present, artificial intelligence technology covers the research of natural language new power line zigzag experimental machine technology processing, pattern recognition, image recognition, data mining, machine learning and other fields

since the "Implementation Opinions on promoting the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence in Shanghai" was released in November 2017, Shanghai has accelerated the development of the artificial intelligence industry. Driven by various parties, the future AI planning of Shanghai is mainly distributed in 8 regions and 11 industries, among which. Changning District mainly develops intelligent identification and intelligent retail; Xuhui District mainly develops intelligent horizontal tensile testing machine. How to eliminate the errors caused by the device refers to error medical treatment, intelligent new product design and intelligent security; Minhang District mainly develops intelligent identification and intelligent medical treatment; Songjiang District mainly develops intelligent manufacturing and brain like intelligence; Baoshan district mainly develops intelligent hardware; Yangpu District mainly develops intelligent education and intelligent recognition; Putuo District mainly develops intelligent security and intelligent hardware; Pudong New Area mainly develops intelligent chip design, intelligent speech recognition and intelligent manufacturing

image source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

rich innovation resources

in fact, the development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai is inseparable from the unique innovation resources in Shanghai. This paper analyzes the development status of AI innovation resources in Shanghai from AI colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, functional platforms and association alliances in Shanghai. From the perspective of colleges and universities, Shanghai AI colleges and universities only have Fudan University School of computer science and technology, East China University of science and Technology School of information science and engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University and School of electrical engineering

image source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

from the perspective of scientific research institutions, as long as there are Fudan University brain intelligence science and Technology Research Institute, the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of public security, Tongji University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of artificial intelligence of Shanghai University of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of industrial technology, Shanghai Research Institute Shanghai brain science and brain like research center, Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instrumentation, Fudan University brain science research institute, Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fudan University brain like chip and intelligent system on Chip Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, smart city research center of Shanghai Academy of higher studies, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of neuroscience 16 scientific research institutions, including the Institute of artificial intelligence and big data index of East China University of political science and law. In addition, the top laboratories include the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing and intelligent systems of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of School of mathematics and physics of Shanghai Normal University, and Tencent Youtu laboratory

image source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

from the perspective of functional platform, as long as the Shanghai AI functional platform has brain chip like and on-chip intelligent system platform, Tongji University software, users mainly set relevant safety parameters according to experimental projects and requirements, CIMS Research Center, Fudan brain Collaborative Innovation Center The International Innovation Center for brain and brain like intelligence and the cognitive and computational health research center of Shanghai Jiaotong University

image source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

from the perspective of Association Alliance, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Association Alliance only includes Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance, Shanghai Academy of neuroscience and Shanghai intelligent Innovation Industry Association

image source: China Academy of Commerce sorted out

centralized enterprise distribution

from the perspective of enterprise resources, Shanghai currently has excellent start-ups such as thinkforce in the field of chips and small I in the field of intelligent voice. It can be seen from the figure that the hot spots of enterprise distribution are mainly in the middle of Shanghai

heat map of enterprise distribution

image source: according to the distribution of sub fields sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry, there are about 397 AI enterprises in Shanghai, including 203 in industry, 112 in technology and 82 in application. From the perspective of regional distribution, the top ten AI enterprise divisions in 2019 are Pudong New Area, Xuhui District, Changning District, Minhang District, Yangpu District, Huangpu District, Jing'an District and Jiading District. Pudong New Area accounts for more than 30%

data source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

the proportion of AI enterprises in Shanghai in 2019

data source: sorted out by China Academy of commerce industry

from the perspective of types, the main types of AI in Shanghai are human distribution and multi-point linkage. Among them, there are many areas with humanoid distribution, accounting for 8 areas

2019 distribution of AI enterprises in Shanghai by type

data source: Chinese commercial products make it difficult to recognize the yield point. Industry Research Institute collates

from the layout of the park, the main AI parks in Shanghai include the "Zhangjiang Lingang" Ai innovation bearing area, "Xuhui Binjiang Caohejing Minhang Zizhu" Ai innovation belt, Huajing Beiyang AI characteristic town Shanghai Songjiang Dongjing artificial intelligence characteristic industrial base (national level). The main support fund is 200million special funds for the innovation and development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai

in the future, Shanghai will focus on the positioning of an international first-class city. Accelerate the comprehensive application of AI in the fields of finance, transportation, medical treatment and security, and form an international AI metropolis


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