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Shanghai company launched trilateral aseptic package

Shanghai Zhangyan light industrial equipment Co., Ltd. launched trilateral aseptic package equipment. The traditional pillow shaped aseptic packaging adopts four side sealing, but the three side sealing aseptic package launched by Zhangyan light industry has the same barrier effect and shelf life as the commonly used melt index Le pillow of various polyethylene materials, but the cost is lower because it does not use middle sealing glue. And the cost of packaging bags is cheaper. In addition, the package can also be set with spigots according to the design, which is more convenient for drinking. According to zhouyaoyun, the company's sales manager, the packaging technology has been used in Beijing Sanyuan milk

the above are just a few of the new packaging technologies in the exhibition. From the perspective of technological innovation, the realization of new technology is actually very simple. The key is how to find your own innovation while avoiding relevant patent protection. The above technology providers have also applied for patent protection of flame-retardant EPS ash with graphite as the addition method

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