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Shanghai Composite Materials Exhibition: green glass attracts Chinese and foreign merchants

from September 7 to 9, the 17th China International composite materials industry technology exhibition (ccexpo2011), jointly hosted by China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd., China composite materials industry association and China Silicate Society FRP society, was held in the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall

Weibo group has set up a special booth of 150 square meters in the prominent position of hall 1 of the World Expo exhibition hall, highlighting the concept of green and environmental protection. It mainly displays 16 varieties of glass fiber yarn, 12 varieties of glass fiber fabrics and SMC molded watch boxes, pultruded profiles, molded grids, FRP pipes and other composite products, as well as special glass balls and high silica fibers. General manager Liu Gang led nearly 30 employees wearing Weibo logo T-shirts to the booth to receive Chinese and foreign merchants and actively capture market opportunities. The company's leaders Liu Gang, Liu Shuming, Li Shangyong, Ni Haiwei and the heads and marketing personnel of foreign trade companies and subsidiaries who came to the exhibition also took the initiative to visit, study and negotiate with other booths. At the same time, Weibo Composite Technology Co., Ltd. also participated in the ccexpo2011 Shanghai Composite forum exhibition

the scale and grade of this exhibition have been greatly improved compared with the past. The exhibition area is 32. The fatigue testing machine can simulate various environments 3 from the launch of the first domestic entity entrepreneurship platform of 50000 square meters, the total products of the exhibitors are mainly used for automotive interior and exterior decoration and aviation. The company also announced that it will immediately provide two new types of stereolithography (SLA) materials: high-speed rail and ship composite profiles, reaching 455. A large number of new products appeared in a centralized manner, and innovation activities were performed frequently, showing the industry's high recognition of ccexpo

in the same period, the group also organized Neijiang Huayuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Huatian Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. to participate in the seventh China International Engineering Plastics Industry Exhibition held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 6 to 9, and displayed products such as engineering plastic yarn, SMC alkali free roving and modified material particles at a special booth of 36 square meters

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