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Shanghai Tobacco printing technology center passed the certification of

[ppzhan Abstract] cigarette packaging is an important branch of China's packaging industry. Recently, the enterprise name Shanghai tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. passed the certification of the National Bureau, hoping to provide a better integrated solution for cigarette packaging for China's tobacco industry in the future

recently, the science and Technology Department of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration organized an expert group to conduct an industry accreditation review of the technical center of Shanghai tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Tobacco printing). After the expert group listened to the report, inspected the site, reviewed the data and questioned, it unanimously approved the application for recognition of Shanghai Tobacco printing technology center, and increased its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment process. It is recommended that the National Bureau pass the recognition

in this recognition, the expert group highly affirmed the work of Shanghai cigarette printing technology center in recent years. Including filling and reinforcing materials. First, we have always paid attention to the development of new technologies, formulated technological innovation plans, established an innovation system and operation mechanism, and achieved a number of high-level innovation achievements. Second, it has strong advantages of innovative talents and advanced, perfect research and development and experimental platforms, and can also carry out automatic control experiments of constant velocity loading, constant velocity deformation and constant velocity displacement, which strongly supports the technological innovation of enterprises. Third, it has significant scale advantages and competitive advantages. The technological innovation benefits and independent innovation ability of enterprises are at the domestic level of the same industry, reflecting the role of technological innovation in promoting industrial development

at the same time, the expert group made suggestions for the future development of Shanghai Tobacco printing technology center, hoping to further improve the system and mechanism of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the introduction and training of discipline leaders, better play the exemplary role of packaging and printing technology in the industry, and provide better integrated solutions for cigarette packaging for China's tobacco industry

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