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Shanghai Disneyland will officially open on June 16, 2016

Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, January 13 (Xu Xiaoqing, Ji Ming, Chen Aiping) - Walt Disney and Shanghai Shendi group jointly announced on the 13th Beijing time that Shanghai Disneyland Resort will officially open on June 16, 2016 and hold a grand opening ceremony for several days

the Shanghai Disneyland Resort project has attracted worldwide attention. As one of the largest Sino foreign cooperation projects in modern service industry in China, Shanghai Disneyland Resort has always been highly expected by both China and the United States, and is regarded as a milestone cooperation. The industry believes that the launch of Shanghai Disneyland will bring a new and unique world-class tourism destination to tourists from all over China and the world

according to the resort management company, Shanghai Disneyland Resort will create a unique entertainment experience for tourists all over the world after its official operation. At the opening, the resort will include Shanghai Disneyland's collet connection Park, which allows free movement on the normal plane of the chain hinge and on both sides of the chain center line - a magical kingdom style theme park with six theme parks, two wonderful theme hotels, Disney town - an international shopping, catering and entertainment area, and star wish park. The six parks of the theme park include "Adventure Island", "fantasy garden", "Mickey Street", "Tomorrow World", "treasure bay" and "dream world" with fantasy fairy tale castle. The whole resort will provide visitors with an unparalleled high-quality experience, including many customized global first projects

it is understood that the main construction work of Shanghai Disneyland Resort has been completed, and then it will enter the full-scale operation. Coupled with the coordinated preparation and intensive preparation of policies and industries, it will ensure that the resort is ready in all directions to meet the tourists from all directions who do not have good metal raw materials. During this period, the resort will continue to carry out talent recruitment and training, and new employees will join the team that currently includes 2000 performers and fantasy engineers to jointly carry out various operational preparations, so as to ensure that after the opening of the resort, Disney's iconic tourism services will be provided to tourists, showing safety, etiquette, performance and efficiency standards. Shanghai Disneyland Resort will also publish ticket plans and other operation related information in due course

guoweicheng, general manager of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, said: "This opening date has been fully evaluated by both parties and approved by the board of directors of the cooperative enterprise. We are looking forward to welcoming the first batch of tourists to this new world-class Disney destination in the near future. Shanghai Disney Resort is the crystallization of cooperation and innovation of all parties over the years. It will inherit Disney's classic story telling and integrate into broadness Profound Chinese culture. "

"we combine all the secrets accumulated over the past 60 years on how to exceed the expectations of tourists with Disney's endless innovative spirit and rich creativity to create such a magical holiday destination of 'original Disney, unique Chinese style'." Said an Zhiming, President and managing director of Walt Disney World and resort Asia

fanxiping, chairman of Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co., Ltd., introduced that the Shanghai Disneyland and its supporting projects, with the participation of tens of thousands of Chinese and American engineers and front-line builders and the strong cooperation of all parties, have entered the operational preparation stage after intense and orderly construction. "Over the past five years, China and the United States have worked closely and learned from each other, which has not only effectively promoted the smooth progress of the project in accordance with the set goals, but also witnessed many innovative practices with exemplary significance."

he said: "in the coming months, we will face a lot of work and new challenges before the park opens, but I believe that with the efforts of both teams and the support of all sectors of society, we will be able to make the final sprint for the wonderful park."

the construction of Shanghai Disneyland Resort broke ground in 2011, and ground construction was started in 2013. In May 2015, the landmark fantasy fairy tale castle in the resort was successfully capped. In addition, in April 2014, the shareholders of Shanghai Disneyland Resort jointly announced the expansion plan of the resort in advance to increase the tourist capacity at the opening of the theme park with new scenic spots, entertainment performances and other facilities, so as to better support the rapid development of China's tourism industry

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