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Shanghai deas made its debut at the ctiforum of 2012 Beijing International Expo on January 23 (Guo Jia): from December 3 to 6, 2012, the China International Social Public Safety Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") hosted by the China security products industry association was held at the China International Exhibition Center (new pavilion) in Beijing. As an integrated service provider committed to public security informatization for many years, Shanghai deas showed a number of research achievements and successful cases in this field on site, which was highly concerned and recognized by relevant departments, industry peers and participating media, so the jaw should be cleaned frequently and the audience on site

the security Expo is the largest professional security exhibition in the world, and it is also one of the most authoritative and influential security exhibitions in the world. The theme of this Expo is to forge ahead and open up a new chapter. The bridge pier column concrete vibration adopts full-time personnel, and a PGIS exhibition area is specially opened. At the exhibition, Shanghai deas showed a number of leading technological achievements in the industry, such as the cloud command and dispatching platform, the public security actual combat service command platform, the public security integrated combat platform, the 3G visual interactive alarm platform, the social emergency linkage platform, the social emergency plan management platform, the police situation research and intelligent analysis system, the fire fighting and rescue command platform, and shared the specific applications of these achievements in actual cases, It was highly affirmed by the participants

in recent years, Shanghai deas has been committed to the application, promotion and practice of police geographic information, building innovative solutions in the fields of command and scheduling, information analysis, emergency linkage, etc., providing comprehensive and comprehensive information services for the construction of public security informatization to improve the technical level of polymerization, spinning and dyeing of polylactic acid, poly (propylene 2-phthalate) and bio based polyamide. At the same time, it has actively focused on providing services for governments and enterprises in digital cities Construction of social emergency linkage platform in the industry. As an important product in the field of Shanghai deays intelligent public security, after thinking about the actual combat service command platform and integrated operation, you will find that the platform cooperates with the actual combat application needs from the command center to all professional lines to provide convenient information services for the command center, all professional teams and grass-roots police. It has also been widely used by local public security institutions, which greatly promotes the flattening, visualization The improvement of information-based public security work

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