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Shanghai Customs: new customs, new mission, new journey

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history is a mirror, which illuminates reality and the future

the predecessor of Shanghai Customs is Jiang customs, which has a history of one hundred years. The customs clock that is still in use today is the clock that was provided by "Yangguan" to unify the merchant shipping time of all countries in those years

times have changed. The time synchronization function of that year has been replaced by an accurate computer platform, but this clock, the largest in Asia and the third largest in the world, still reminds customs people all the time - not only to achieve international benchmarking in customs clearance business, but also to realize the rise of oil pressure and innovation with the times in career development

since last year, with the entry-exit inspection and quarantine included in the customs, the construction of the new customs has entered a new stage. 8. The steel bar zigzag experimental machine is strictly prohibited from standing within the working radius of the zigzag steel bar and the 1 side of the fuselage without fixed. The "integration of customs and inspection" not only brings the integration of on-site business, but also produces the effect of "1+1> 2". In Shanghai Customs, I feel the great vitality of the construction of the new customs, and behind this, it is the new mission and responsibility of contemporary customs people

Shanghai has always been at the forefront of opening up. From the establishment of the first free trade zone in China to the establishment of China's first pilot Free Trade Zone, it is inseparable from the active participation and bold exploration of Shanghai Customs. Although there is no precedent to follow and no experience to learn from, customs people have repeatedly used practice to refresh the height of innovation, and strive to create "first" on the basis of "first"

The opportunity to exhibit a 2020 extruder prototype

has never been waiting. The problem orientation, overall thinking and strategic considerations adhered to in the work of Shanghai customs are impressive. As they said, reform and opening up is a long march in the new era, which requires a sense of urgency, "can't afford to wait", "can't slow down" and "can't sit still". What the customs people need to do is not forget their original intention, keep their mission firmly in mind, continue to achieve new achievements in system innovation and supply, optimize and improve the business environment, and make new contributions in the process of instability caused by the expansion of opening-up

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