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The steel price index fell below the previous low and hit a new low in the year

the latest statistical data of "my steel", a well-known domestic steel information organization, showed that on May 21, the myspic composite index fell below the previous low to 150.9, hitting a new low in the year, which is also a historical low since August 2010

on the 21st, the average price of deformed steel bars in 25 major markets in China fell slightly, and the average price of HRB335 20mm deformed steel bars was 4156 yuan/ton. Among them, the secondary deformed steel bar of Shanghai market leading steel plant fell below 4000 yuan/ton

previously, the low point of the year occurred on February 17 (myspic composite index 151.1). On that day, the national average price of HRB335 20mm rebar was 4166 yuan/ton

in terms of steel mills, following the history of crude steel production reaching 2045300 tons in early May, the cr929 aircraft body structure will adopt a new high of composite materials in a large area. Recently, Shougang, WISCO, TISCO and other major steel mills have continued to reduce the factory output, and it is expected that there is still room for the steel market to decline in the later period

Shagang introduced the ex factory price in late May on the 21st, reducing the price of rebar by 100 yuan/ton, and the prices of high-speed wire and spiral rod by 50 yuan/ton respectively. Yonggang also adjusted the ex factory prices of some products, among which the prices of rebar and round steel were reduced by 100 yuan/ton, and the prices of high-speed wire rod and spiral rod were reduced by 80 yuan/ton

the latest guidance price of construction steel products of Hebei Iron and Steel Group in late May shows that the prices of Tang, Xuan and Cheng steel thread and screw products have been reduced, including the prices of high-speed wire and spiral screw products have been reduced by 150 yuan/ton respectively, the prices of secondary rebar have been reduced by 130 yuan/ton, and the prices of tertiary rebar have been reduced by 170 yuan/ton. The prices of high-speed wire rod, deformed steel bar and spiral rod of Hangang for over displacement protection were reduced by 130 yuan/ton

at the same time, the domestic social inventory of steel is still high, with a total inventory of more than 16million tons. According to the statistics of "my steel", as of May 18, 2012, the social inventory of five major steel varieties (rebar, wire rod, hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil and medium and heavy plate) in 26 major markets in China was 16.145 million tons, and the inventory fell for 13 consecutive weeks. Compared with the same period last year (May 20, 2011), the total inventory was 1.17 million tons higher, and the total inventory of rebar and wire rod was 1.636 million tons higher than that of the same period last year. The growth rate was amplified again. Market participants pointed out that the increase in inventory this year mainly came from construction steel, and the inventory of rebar alone exceeded that of last year by nearly 1.3 million tons

in terms of raw materials, so far this month, the market prices of billets, domestic and foreign ores, coke and other products have fallen repeatedly. Last week, Tangshan billet fell by 90 yuan/ton, 40 yuan/ton from Monday to Friday, and 50 yuan/ton over the weekend

my steel analyst pointed out that from the current operation of the domestic steel market, the market has fully entered the downward channel. In the process of the continuous decline of the steel market price, even if the current market price is relatively weak, the output level of the steel plant will not be significantly adjusted. Although the social inventory is declining, the pressure of market operation is still large

this week, domestic steel mills will usher in the concentration period of price adjustment. From the price adjustment in June and may, steel mills have chosen a moderate reduction, which further weakens the supporting role of market prices, coupled with the weakening of upstream cost prices, it is expected that the domestic steel market will continue to operate in a weak position. "The kinetic energy of decline is not enough, but the rebound is not qualified. The steel market will fluctuate in a narrow range of 'box type' within a certain range."

some steel traders also believe that as the peak demand season is about to pass, and the release of production capacity has reached the peak, the steel mills should deliberately adjust the output without too much difference, and only let the steel price "fall through first and then". However, according to the market information collected at present, there is no arrangement for large-scale overhaul and production reduction in domestic steel mills

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