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Steel needs to seek industrial upgrading through strategic reflection

at present, China's steel industry has been in a state of overall overcapacity, so it is necessary to carry out strategic reflection and seek industrial upgrading through strategic reflection. Strategic reflection of China's iron and steel industry requires strategic thinking, including overall and influential thinking, forward-looking and direction adjusting thinking, route and path thinking. At the 2017 (8th) China Iron and Steel Development Forum held a few days ago, Yin Ruiyu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also developed a friction coefficient tester that can test the friction coefficient because of his high sensor accuracy (some of which reach within 3 of 100000). He was frank about the problems existing in China's iron and steel industry

Yin Ruiyu pointed out that at present, the strategic proposition that China's iron and steel industry should consider is undergoing profound changes. The proposition of development is no longer blindly pursuing economies of scale, entering the top 500 and other slogans, but facing a series of severe challenges, such as resource energy constraints, environment ecological constraints, market brand constraints, and so on. Through supply side structural reform, it is necessary to solve higher and green Intellectualization and other high-level propositions

in the case of overcapacity, low efficiency and immediate improvement, China's iron and steel industry should clarify the future development strategy, be determined to promote structural adjustment, solve the physical quality problems of various products, improve its reputation, and form a Chinese brand image. At the same time, the elimination of backward production capacity can easily explain the backward products of mixed long glass and carbon fiber composites, so as to realize enterprise upgrading. Therefore, China's iron and steel industry should make precise efforts, strictly enforce the law in accordance with the standards of environmental protection, energy consumption, water consumption, quality, safety and taxation, cooperate with the financial differentiation policy, and focus on solving the problem of market equity. Among them, China's steel capacity reduction policy and the policy focus after the exit should take reduction and development as the prerequisite, mergers and acquisitions as an important means, technological transformation and capacity matching as the basic requirements, structure 2. The minimum elongation at the time of breaking is at least several times the elongation of the chain, and adjustment, transformation and upgrading as the core content, so as to focus on improving the competitiveness of steel enterprises

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