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Beizhong group relies on technological innovation to improve the quality of development

Beizhong group relies on technological innovation to improve the quality of development

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in recent years, fierce competition has put forward higher requirements for all links of military production. Facing the new normal of military products development, Beizhong group special machinery factory has changed its development thinking, broken through with process and technology innovation, and continuously improved the development quality of the enterprise. Produce the weapons and equipment with the largest caliber and the longest body control in the history of Beizhong group; More than 10 trial production and processing tasks of key scientific research products of the group company have been completed... In 2014, the special machinery plant of Beizhong group achieved a new leap on the road of technological innovation

In recent years, in order to complete the increasingly heavy military production tasks with high quality and quantity, special machinery factories give full play to their technological advantages, start with details, and actively solve various problems in production with an attitude of excellence, so as to ensure the smooth production of products

in the production process of a combat vehicle, aiming at the problems such as the deformation of the protective plate and the deviation of the shell throwing, the factory technicians put forward a total of 11 optimization measures, and carried out re inspection, rectification and reassembly of 80 products, which greatly reduced the frequency of the above problems and improved the product performance. At the same time, the factory organizes technicians to actively do a good job in the after-sales service guarantee of the product

in the construction of high-quality engineering projects, the factory technicians sorted out the process procedures of 8 products, combined with the actual production situation, sorted out 14 problems, and formulated a rectification plan one by one. The plan was approved by the process Department of the group company, and the branch implemented it item by item according to the rectification plan, improving the product quality

in 2014, the special machinery factory organized the process personnel to optimize the process flow, shorten the turnover route, design special tooling and other measures to break through the process narrow mouth and process quality problems that have existed for many years. A total of 322 process optimization items have been completed, and more than 30 sets of self-made tooling have been designed, laying the foundation for the smooth production of products. At the same time, the cutting tool cost was reduced by about 276000 yuan throughout the year

promote the development of civilian products to a higher level

in 2014, while completing the main military products and scientific research tasks, the factory technicians also completed the blank design and route preparation of 11 kinds of civilian products

in order to ensure the smooth completion of civil products projects, the special machinery factory promoted its work with the project responsibility system, which was widely used in steel mills, building materials, metallurgy, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, quality inspection centers and commodity inspection departments. It further clarified the tasks undertaken by technicians and made regular inspections. Through this measure, a large number of young college students such as Wang Yijiang and Hao Xiaoxu have become the technical backbones of product development and process design. In the production process of civil products, the factory requires technicians to closely follow the site, solve the raw material discrepancy, machining problems, assembly problems, etc. in the on-site production at any time, and communicate with users in a timely and effective manner, ensuring that civil products are completed according to the contract requirements. Zigzag experiment is mainly used to determine the zigzag strength limit of materials or components, etc.

the process scientific research project has been steadily promoted

in 2014, the special machinery factory undertook one group level process scientific research project, and cooperated with the process Institute to complete two group process scientific research projects, namely, the restructuring and utilization of idle fixtures and the application of three-dimensional process design and management platform MPMS

in tackling the key problems of the numerical control processing technology of the gun tail of a product, the factory technicians, together with the Technology Institute, optimized the numerical control processing program of the gun tail with the help of computer programming software, and reasonably compiled and completed the process procedures according to the requirements of batch production, laying a foundation for the batch production of the gun tail of the product and improving the production efficiency

together with the Institute of technology, we completed the scientific research project of restructuring and utilization of idle fixtures. According to the restructuring plan, five sets of idle fixtures were restructured by ourselves. After passing the appraisal, they were applied to the production of existing parts, which improved the processing efficiency of parts by more than 25%. Jointly completed the application project of 3D process design and management platform MPMS. It also meets the performance requirements of scratch resistance, tackiness, stress whitening and shrinkage, and has completed the preparation, review and signing of 8 products and 1283 process procedures, CAPP data migration, etc. Highlights of scientific research and production work appear frequently

in 2014, the factory successfully solved the problem of pulling wire for the barrel of a product. On the basis of existing equipment, the length of pulling wire was increased, and the core technology of deep hole pulling wire of the factory reached a new level; We have fully completed the production, assembly and commissioning, test and assessment, foreign acceptance and other work of a key foreign trade product of the group company, and won high praise from foreign parties and Northern companies, laying a good foundation for the follow-up foreign trade market; In the production process of a vehicle mounted product, under the leadership of Chen Daquan, the skill leader of the Ordnance Group, the processing of four plum blossom grooves in the fading cylinder was completed on the CNC horizontal boring and milling machining center for the first time, which not only met the quality requirements of parts, but also saved nearly 100000 yuan of special tooling production costs

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