The hottest steel price falls into the era of 1. I

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Steel price falls into the era of "1" and iron ore monologue ends

steel price falls into the era of "1" and iron ore monologue ends

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it is most appropriate to describe the current steel price with "no lowest, only lower"

"the current price is the price of cabbage, even worse than cabbage." On the 6th, Cao long, general manager of Jinan RongXinDa economic and Trade Co., Ltd., said with a wry smile, "now Chinese cabbage is 1.3 yuan a kilogram, rebar is only 1900 yuan a ton, with less than 1 yuan a kilogram, and it is not as good as Chinese cabbage."

it is understood that the price decline in the domestic steel market is increasing, and the phenomenon of businesses competing to "sell" is intensifying

the total PMI index of steel circulation industry in June released by relevant institutions recently was 45.5, down 1.5 percentage points month on month. It is expected that the demand of steel circulation market will decline in July, and the steel price may hit the bottom. After a short rebound and a turnaround downward, the decline rate of iron ore prices is also accelerating

downstream demand is sluggish

some analysts said that the decline in the steel market further expanded over the last weekend (July 4 and 5). Tangshan billet has fallen by 70 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price including tax is 1730 yuan/ton; Tangshan narrowband fell by 60 yuan/ton, and the current delivery price including tax is 1920 yuan/ton

see if it is within the range of 2 "[t] he steel price has opened a falling mode over the weekend, and the rolled products have hit a new low level across the board, with individual product losses as high as 300 yuan/ton." Analysts said

according to the market briefing provided by "my steel", the domestic spot steel price composite index closed at 81.36 points in the recent week, down 2.71% for the week, and the decline expanded. At present, the steel futures market continues to fluctuate downward, and the billet price has fallen to 1800 yuan/ton. Correspondingly, the price of spot steel market is also falling deeply, and the poor downstream demand is the main reason. Stimulated by the sharp reduction of ex factory prices by some steel mills, business confidence has become more unstable, and there is a strong atmosphere of competing shipments in the steel market

"now the market quotation is chaotic. In order to ship goods, sellers compete with each other to lower their quotation." Cao long said, "now there are three-level deformed steel bars with a quotation of more than 1900 yuan per ton, and billets with a quotation of more than 1800 yuan per ton. There is no lowest price, only lower!"

it is understood that prices are also generally falling in the plate market. "The price of medium and heavy plate fell steadily, and the ton price fell by more than 100 yuan a week." Cao long analyzed, "the new factory resources of the steel plant are still arriving in succession, the pressure of merchants' shipment is prominent, and the market inventory is also rising, so there is no choice but to reduce the price and ship."

analysts revealed that from the performance of the construction steel market on the 6th, more than half of the mainstream construction steel market quotations fell, indicating the downturn of the market operation. Among them, Shandong construction steel prices continue to decline, and have entered the era of "1 prefix"

"we investigated nine leading steel mills in Shandong. The total inventory was 441000 tons, an increase of 29000 tons compared with the same period last week; the current inventory increased by 198000 tons compared with the same period last year. However, at present, the mainstream steel enterprises in Shandong have not limited production, mainly because the profit of full load production and sales is slightly higher than that of limited production under the condition of acceptable cash flow, so steel enterprises prefer to increase inventory rather than limit production." Analysts said

"from the perspective of the market, the capital chain has been tightened, and the steel traders are mainly factory based at present. In the off-season of demand, most of the steel traders have a weak mentality, and the situation of price reduction and shipment continues." Analysts judged, "it is expected that the price of construction steel in Shandong may continue to decline in the short term, but the downward range may narrow."

The latest information provided by the China Iron and Steel Association shows that iron ore prices in the domestic market have continued to rebound since April due to factors such as the high level of steel production, the manual promotion of moving weights, the successive closure of high-cost mines, and the continuous decline in iron ore port inventories. After entering the middle of June, iron ore prices showed a slight downward trend due to factors such as sluggish demand, continuous decline in steel prices and increased production reduction and maintenance of steel mills

at the end of June, China's iron ore price index (ciopi) was 217.48 points, down 3.70 points month on month, with a decrease of 1.67%, from up to down month on month. In the same period, the national imported iron ore port inventory was 78.71 million tons, a month on month decrease of 4.6 million tons, a decrease of 5.84%. The iron ore market is still in a situation of oversupply. In June, after a slight rebound in the first ten days, the price of imported iron ore of ciopi fluctuated and fell slightly from the middle of the year, but the monthly average price still reached US $61.71/ton, up 3.94% month on month

China's bulk commodities are not only the Secretary General of the marathon Development Research Center and special commentator of the guide, Liu Xintian said that the CCI (bulk commodity confidence index) of iron ore in July was -0.45, reflecting that most market participants were bearish on the trend in July, and the market confidence was obviously insufficient. "The bearish people in July are basically from steel smelting, steel trade and other fields, while the bullish people are mostly from steel traders."

the monologue of "everyone falls and I rise alone" in iron ore should end. On July 6, the main contract of iron ore futures plummeted by 3.9%, falling below the 400 yuan mark. "In July, the lowest iron ore price may fall below the early low point, the spot price may fall below 380 yuan, and the futures price may fall below 360 yuan." Liu Xintian predicted

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