The hottest steel price fluctuates repeatedly, whi

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Can the steel price rise if it is annoying to fluctuate repeatedly

last Friday, with the support of the central bank injecting liquidity into the capital market again, the price of black series futures rose sharply, the closing price of the main contract of rebar futures rose by 180 yuan compared with the lowest price, and the spot price and Tangshan billet price gradually rose over the weekend. But the good times are not long, because the current market is short of 2. Main instruments and equipment: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo (Electronic) universal experimental machine, distance gauge, vernier caliper, etc Lack of unified rising awareness for the future market, and the sustainability of price rise is weak. After the price reached a high point in a certain period of time, it was affected by fear of heights. In particular, the tortuous modulus increased rapidly and the price began to fall

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