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XCMG's return from the investigation of the western development to talk about the current policies and situation of the western development (1) where you go, you can feel the positive atmosphere of the upsurge of the western development. Domestic construction machinery manufacturers and research institutions have begun to investigate and take actions, such as Liugong, Xiamen, Shangchai, Shantui, etc. have carried out or planned to carry out research, and have also taken measures in market development. The market advance research activities of foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures have also begun. For example, almost all domestic excavator joint ventures sent personnel to visit the northwest. Local people are also talking about how to make good use of this development opportunity and look forward to a better tomorrow. (2) The focus of construction in Northwest China is different. The goal is to build Xi'an into a cultural and transportation center, Lanzhou into a financial center, and Urumqi into a border trade center. The two main ideas of Shaanxi development are: first, implement the "beautiful mountains and rivers project", which is mainly a systematic project to control sediment; Second, it took several years to build a railway with "two vertical and five horizontal" four hubs in Shaanxi. On the basis of the main skeleton of the meter shaped highway, the density and grade were increased to form a radial high-grade highway with Xi'an as the center and 9 national trunk roads as the main body. The development of Xinjiang will mainly focus on the rich underground resources, especially the development of oil and natural gas. Xinjiang will invest 1.57 billion yuan in highway construction during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. This year, 4.7 billion yuan will be invested in advance to achieve the goal of opening roads to all townships within the year as soon as possible (there are still five townships that have not been opened so far). Qinghai will protect the ecological environment, strengthen the ecological environment protection of the source of rivers, and vigorously develop the characteristic economy of the four pillars of oil and gas, salt and chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, and hydropower resources. To this end, in the near future, we will also carry out the expansion and reconstruction of the Qinghai Tibet railway and the reconstruction of highways, national roads and provincial roads, establish aviation in the province, and speed up the construction of infrastructure such as water conservancy and urban construction. Gansu implements the strategy of "rebuilding Hexi". The total investment is 11.8 billion yuan, including 55 projects such as water-saving projects, agricultural industrialization management projects, high-tech agricultural demonstration projects, agricultural comprehensive development projects, ecological projects, small town construction projects and infrastructure projects. 2. The major leading project launched this year 2.1 West to east gas transmission project the natural gas pipeline project from Tarim, Xinjiang to Shanghai will be the second largest project in China after the Three Gorges Project. The gas transmission pipeline is 4200km long, and the investment in the first phase is expected to reach 120billion yuan. The proportion of capital allocation for the construction of Tarim gas field, transmission pipeline and terminal in Xinjiang is 2:4:6, while the fine particles are deposited at a relatively long distance. 2.2 the airport reconstruction project will build and reconstruct 20 airports in Urumqi, Golmud, Dunhuang and Altay this year, with a total investment of 500 billion yuan. 2.3 science and technology investment projects in the western development, science and technology need to be first. This year, the Ministry of science and technology will invest 50million yuan in a special fund to launch the "special action for science and technology in the western development". Scientific and technological development includes the research and development of ecological environment restoration and treatment technology, industrial pollution prevention and control technology, the promotion of advanced and applicable technology, and the development of advantageous industries with Western characteristics. 3. During the Tenth Five Year Plan and the 2010 western market and policy, the Ministry of Railways is expected to invest about 100billion yuan in the capital construction of large and medium-sized Western Railway projects. From now on, the Ministry of communications will continue to increase the construction of national trunk roads in the western region. On the other hand, it will focus on the implementation of the major channel project of the western development, focusing on the planning and construction of eight major highway channels. The state plans to allocate 700 billion to 800 billion yuan for the western development, focusing on highways, also known as tension tests, transportation and infrastructure; During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, a number of large and medium-sized hydropower stations will be built in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. Including Laxiwa Hydropower Station with a total installed capacity of 3720000 kW and Gongboxia Hydropower Station with a total installed capacity of 150000 kW; In recent years, China's financial industry has continuously strengthened its support for credit in the West. At the end of 1999, the loan balance was 1.57 trillion yuan, an increase of 16.l% over the previous year, 1.5 percentage points higher than the national average growth rate, and the proportion has risen to 15%. This year, the state will invest 70% of the total investment in the central and western regions. China's financial industry will conscientiously summarize the experience and lessons of supporting the development of the West in recent years, and continue to increase credit support for the West. 4. The regional characteristics of the West and the impact of the environment on construction machinery products. The western development includes Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia in the northwest and Yunnan, Guizhou, Tibet, four Tibet, Chongqing and other 10 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the southwest, with a population of 285million, accounting for 23% of the national population. It is the main inhabited area of ethnic minorities in China. The gross domestic product accounts for only 14% of the country. The western region covers an area of 5.4 million km, accounting for 56% of the national area. Among them, plains and basins account for less than 10%, deserts, stone mountains and alpine areas with an altitude of 3000m account for 48%, the average temperature in most areas is below 10 OC, and the annual water drop in nearly half of the areas is less than 200mm. The land border is 12747 km. The western region is rich in mineral resources, with the maximum experimental limit of coal reserves accounting for 36% of the country, oil reserves accounting for 12%, natural gas reserves accounting for 53%, and some rare metal reserves ranking first in the country and even the world. The southwest region is rich in hydropower resources, but the northwest region is very short of water resources. Tourism resources also have considerable advantages. The western development is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the construction machinery industry, but due to its regional particularity, it has great environmental adaptability requirements for construction equipment. (l) The quality of mechanical talents in the western region is low, and they lack the awareness of the use and maintenance of construction machinery, so they have higher requirements for the quality of construction machinery, otherwise the service area is large and the cost is too high. (2) There are some desert areas in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Gansu, and the sand particles are dust

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