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Talk about the "internal and external situation" of the printing industry

some people describe 2011 as an eventful year for the global printing industry. Shinohara company in Japan went bankrupt, and Manroland, a well-known printing equipment supplier, applied for bankruptcy protection. Kodak, a century old giant, was also troubled by bankruptcy rumors. According to the data, at present, the GDP of the global printing market is about 720billion US dollars. From 2006 to 2011, the average annual growth rate is only 3.4%. However, in terms of the proportion of production share, China and Japan are the first, including the latter. The steady development speed of India's Asian market and the rapid development speed of other emerging markets show that the future of the printing industry is still full of hope, and development is still the mainstream of the printing industry. However, China's printing enterprises must carry out transformation and upgrading with the core of improving scientific and technological strength and cultural strength. In other words: at present, transformation and upgrading is the fundamental driving force and inevitable choice of development

the 12th Five year plan brings opportunities and challenges to the development of the printing industry. The 12th Five year plan clearly points out in three aspects: relying on scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading and enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry; The packaging industry should speed up the development of packaging equipment, packaging materials and high-end products; The electronic information industry should improve its R & D level and independent development ability, and guide it to extend to the high-end of the industrial chain. This not only points out the direction and key areas that the development of the brush industry should follow by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of the beam, but also points out the three challenges faced, which drives the development war of the auto parts industry: the challenge of the market, the challenge of science and technology, and the challenge of environmental protection

the selection and positioning of printing equipment and the expectations of domestic manufacturers. Responding to market demand is undoubtedly the first principle for our selection of printing production equipment, and comprehensive technology leadership is the priority under this principle. As the saying goes: only choose the good ones, not the expensive ones. From the perspective of device users, this good word is interpreted from five aspects: first, it adapts to the needs of consumer terminals; Second, in line with science and technology and green development; Third, rapid service response; Fourth, the value-added service chain is complete; Fifth, high comprehensive cost performance

we only put forward three questions from the perspective of the printing market for reference and discussion by colleagues in the industry: first, market segmentation. Personalized and small batch short board printing business is popular, so that digital and inkjet printing has been widely promoted and applied. This requires more accurate market positioning of printing enterprises. Second, market guidance. Now, the market guided by science and technology and the market guided by culture have become the two wind vanes to expand the printing market. What we should pay attention to is how to guide the development fields and extended fields, and at the same time, we should deal with the relationship between initiative and compliance when developing the market. Third, the cultivation of the market. The periodicity or vitality of the market is related to the overall situation of enterprises and industries. The cultivation of the market should focus on the systematization, networking and systematization of the ring terminal of the long-term harness hanging on the pull table near the center of the pull plate

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