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Talk about: new trends in the development of international printing industry

the printing industry has also shown some new development trends in the past year. Whether it is bioplastics, RFID, advertising or digital signs, they have injected a fresh air into the printing industry, and also pointed out a new direction for the development of this industry

1. Bioplastics will shine.

recently, the European bioplastics Association concluded through a public opinion survey that investing in green environmental protection is the best way to overcome the crisis. Most of the enterprises surveyed said that they had achieved healthy development in 2009, and the growth rate of some enterprises even exceeded 5%. This obviously exceeded everyone's expectations. It is understood that a total of 38 plastic manufacturing enterprises announced their business performance in 2009 and 2010 and their expectations for 2011 in this survey

biodegradable and bio punishable plastic is an environmental protection product completely different from traditional plastics. It has a wide range of applications, such as packaging materials, mulch films, shopping bags and other products can be made of this environmentally friendly plastic. In addition, the application of bioplastics in durable products is also increasing, and it plays a role in the stage from shell to auto parts. By using this material, people may effectively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. Protecting the atmosphere and reducing the use of fossil dyes are important driving forces for technological progress and market development. The advantages of biodegradable materials can be fully reflected in products, but its disadvantage is that it has a short storage time on the shelf

Andy Sweetman, chairman of the board of directors of the European bioplastics Association, said: the advent of bioplastics has accelerated the pace of green innovation and enterprises' pursuit of environmental protection. Although the share of this material in the global market is less than 1%, its growth rate is amazing. What we lack now is an incentive that can promote the continuous expansion of this market. With financial support, these enterprises can focus more on technological innovation and expand production capacity if necessary. And this can also give plastic users and consumers a strong signal that bioplastics is ready to expand

second, RFID business will grow explosively

rfid is a market with huge business opportunities. Active RFID is the RFID tag with the fastest growth rate of sales at present, and its share in the RFID market is also increasing. From IDTechEx RFID knowledge base, the world's largest RFID project database, we can see that 111 countries are engaged in the research of 111 projects, and the total number of projects has exceeded 4000

roughly speaking, the proportion of active RFID in all projects has risen to 24%, almost double that of a few years ago, and most of these labels are made of plastic. Passive RFID is very popular with financiers. It mainly has two forms: tag and card. For example, contactless (RFID smart card) passive RFID systems are usually used to store value. How to use the oyster card issued by the safety bureau is the most widely used traffic stored value card at present

nowadays, China's RFID projects may have surpassed those of Britain, but there is still a certain gap between China and the United States. Previously, the British government had planned to issue a national identity card program worth billion pounds, the largest RFID order in history, but now this program has been cancelled. In terms of market value, China has seriously shaken the hegemony of the United States because it holds many large projects. For example, it uses more library tags than other countries in the world combined. In addition, China's RFID spending is also dominated by low-end exports to developed countries, which may exceed that of the United States, because China slaughters 1.2 billion pigs every year, and the introduction of relevant regulations will have a significant impact on the RFID market

as in the past, the measures of local and national governments will promote the development of RFID market. The new laws promulgated by the government often become the wind vane of this market. For example, the New Zealand government requires all dogs to be labeled, and the European Commission has also required 110million sheep and goats in Europe to carry identity cards since this year. In addition, Canada and Australia are also expected to follow New Zealand's example. The use of RFID tags helps to strengthen disease prevention and improve efficiency in these countries. And governments are willing to use this technology in their own book labels, citizen cards and transportation cards

Third, mobile advertising has become a new profit growth point

mobile advertising is an emerging and relatively small market, but in the next five years, the U.S. spending on mobile display advertising will reach $1.2 billion, almost quadrupling the current $313 million

according to Neil Strother, head of ABI research, a market research company, a survey conducted by the company in February this year showed that 28% of the surveyed mobile users log in to the mobile Internet every day. This data has greatly exceeded the survey results of 14 months ago, which will also become a strong driving force for mobile marketing and advertising market

mobile display advertising is actually very similar to online advertising, and it is also a marketing method to stimulate mobile marketers to promote advertising. Our common mobile display ads include SMS, search ads, application built-in ads and video ads

more and more marketing companies have shifted their budgets to mobile activities. Most advertising agencies, technology dealers and mobile advertising operators say their spending on mobile activities will increase by 25% to 30% every year. ABI research reported that the popularity of intelligence is the main driving force for the development of mobile display advertising, but this form of advertising will also be extended to other mobile devices

the huge potential of the mobile advertising market has attracted great interest from large companies such as apple and Google, which recently acquired Quattro wireless and AdMob mobile advertising companies respectively. At the same time, independent advertising networks are also serving this market. The more famous network operators include Millennium media, jumptap and greystrip

high temperature and high pressure molding should be used. 4. Digital signs are becoming more and more popular

with the increasing popularity of large digital signs in Australia, advertising companies have to meet a large number of customers every day, and can sell more advertising spaces in the same place. Digital LED and LCD billboards have become a prosperous industry in Europe and the United States

according to David Gittins, operation director of PDM (prime digital media), which provides digital media management software for retailers and marketers, outdoor advertising will gradually transition to large-scale digital billboards, because this form of advertising can bring greater economic benefits to customers

Gittins said: we have seen the large-scale application of this kind of billboards. Although its one-time investment is large, once you install digital billboards, you can display more content in the same place without continuous printing. Gittins believes that printing will not be eliminated, but will serve advertisers together with digital signage. With the continuous expansion of market share, digital signage has become a mainstream technology in the advertising market

earlier this year, Westfield group launched a digital network consisting of LED video monitors in its six shopping malls in Australia. These displays and content management systems are designed and produced by Daktronics, which is also the largest order of LED indoor advertising displays in the world, marking significant progress in digital advertising in Australia

although this technology is relatively new, advertisers favor it. People actually compare this technology, because electronic billboards can be seen in previous international events such as the Beijing Olympic Games. They know that if these monitors have high enough definition, they will look like ordinary TVs, so they know the benefits of advertising with this monitor

digital advertising has many obvious benefits, but the market is still unwilling to give up large format printing soon. Debbi Burgess, the head of bright print printing in Sydney, predicts that these two forms of advertising will coexist for a long time, and each will serve different markets from the perspective of security, and the printing plant should also keep abreast of the development of technology. In short, everything related to computer monitors is more environmentally friendly than printing live parts. Of course, printing also has its own advantages. It can bring people an intuitive feeling, and its emotional value is irreplaceable by any digital technology. Of course, in order to make good use of digital billboards, advertisers' technology must be strong and flexible enough, and also have the ability to manage a large amount of information

A recent study by Galaxy research shows that new digital billboards can significantly improve the efficiency of in store marketing and employee training, while outdoor displays can attract more passers-by into the store. In addition, about% of consumers believe that such advertisements can improve their shopping experience; Another 80% of managers believe that the content on the display can have a positive impact on consumers' purchase decisions

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