Talk about the image packaging of modern gifts

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Talk about the image packaging of modern gifts

as a kind of commodity packaging, gift packaging, in addition to its basic functions of packaging, that is, to protect commodities, transmit commodity information, and promote commodities, should also convey the emotional exchange information between people and improve the positioning of gifts. It is the medium of human emotional communication and the bridge of mutual friendship

as a modern gift image packaging, it is different from ordinary packaging, and has its own characteristics, mainly including the following five characteristics:


modern gift packaging is the main carrier of gifts and a part of gifts. Therefore, appropriate packaging materials, structures and decoration designs should be selected to reflect the noble, exquisite and gorgeous feeling of gifts and meet people's psychological needs for gifts


there are many kinds of modern gifts. Different gifts should be given for different occasions, times, festivals and objects, which requires that gift packaging should be very targeted


different gifts are produced in different regions, and each region has its own unique personality. In particular, the gift packaging design of some tourism commodities should highlight the local characteristics or traditional characteristics of its own nation and region, highlight its local customs, and give people a strong exotic style. Usually, the more personalized gift packaging will be loved by people


gifts are used to convey the mutual feelings between people, especially the gift packaging for young people, which must be interesting and thought-provoking. Otherwise, a tasteless and boring gift package will not be welcomed


old gift packaging will make people boring, lacking freshness and pleasing purpose. Especially for gifts with high scientific and technological content, the material selection, technology, style and decoration design of packaging should reflect the progressiveness of technology. For example, the three-dimensional packaging, aseptic packaging and anti-theft packaging made by concave convex technology can reflect the excellent achievements of science and technology and the superior performance of gifts through novel and unique packaging styles

in terms of its culture, gift packaging can be reflected in two aspects: first, the design of gift packaging should highlight the characteristics of corporate culture and the characteristics of the times; Second, gift packaging design conveys a strong and simple friendship with natural materials in the selection of packaging materials. This technology is also one of the key technologies in the material genome project. It is a natural and harmonious cultural connotation

gift image packaging, that is, in terms of packaging design, we should improve the customer's corporate image. We should have targeted analysis and understand the customer's corporate culture and gift positioning. Only in this way can we design products that satisfy customers and meet the nature of the customer's corporate culture

gift packaging design should still focus on natural materials in the selection of packaging materials, such as paper, bamboo, wood, mud, plant stems and leaves and other natural materials, and design and produce various packaging items according to local conditions and in accordance with the amount of talent

we generally use printing paper, art paper and recycled paper as the materials of Goldilocks pp-lgf products, which not only have excellent mechanical properties, the oil will leak through the gap, and the gift series packaging design is quite matched with the products of the same color, and the shape, color and material are organically unified. The corporate culture reflects the characteristics of the times, giving people an elegant, cordial and antique affinity, It has reached the human cultural characteristics of appealing for feelings with things

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, we should continue to explore and find some interesting connotations and a higher aesthetic taste in gift packaging design, a kind of attention and deepening experience to traditional culture, and pay attention to the inheritance and Deconstruction of tradition and the pursuit and exploration of artistic taste. In the style of gift packaging design, it emphasizes a kind of natural, friendly, simple, healthy, environmental protection aesthetic consciousness, as a gift packaging design. It is not only limited to the market and shelves. In China, 10million cubic meters of wood is used to make packaging materials and display motor products every year, which can be more involved in people's social relations and life details. Gifts have emotional exchanges and hand circulation characteristics, which are different from the disposable characteristics of general packaging. They need to have an intriguing connotation and refreshing charm, More humanized design becomes the focus

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